Mobile RPG Atelier Resleriana announces release date for Android and iOS devices

The debut date for Koei Tecmo's upcoming mobile role-playing game Atelier Resleriana, which will be available for Android, iOS, and Windows PC via Steam, has been disclosed.


The game will be a free-to-play gacha title, as it was first announced during the "Atelier Series New Work Announcement" webcast a month ago. Atelier Resleriana won't be released outside of Japan, according to Koei Tecmo's current official announcements. Pre-registration for Atelier Resleriana is presently available until its launch on September 23, 2023.

About the Game​

This story takes place in the alchemically-prosperous kingdom of Lantana. However, most people have long since forgotten about alchemy and it has faded into obscurity. Resna, the main character, sets off on a journey in quest of The Continent of the End, a mythical place where it is thought that remnants of this ancient art form remain dormant, with the goal of bringing alchemy back to the world.


Since the first announcement, Koei Tecmo has revealed a number of details about Atelier Resleriana, including the gameplay structure where the series' pillars—cycles from Gathering to Synthesis to Battle—remain. Players in Atelier Resleriana will explore dungeons, fight monsters, and gather materials to utilize in alchemical synthesis. Players need not worry about their progression stopping because the devs have revealed that moving through the tale will not deplete stamina.


Since the game's announcement, numerous playable characters have also been made public, including the numerous significant allies that will accompany Resna on her journeys, like Valeria, Flocke, and Heidi. Resna will also be joined by a number of other well-known figures from different Atelier games, including Ryza, Ayesha, Tess, and others.

Pre-Registration Campaign​

As previously indicated, pre-registration for Atelier Resleriana is still available, and those who are interested can do so by visiting the game's official website. Koei Tecmo will provide players various benefits after reaching certain pre-registration milestones, such as 100 free Star Guidance Stones after 100,000 people sign up for the game. Additionally, users will receive another 100 Star Guidance Stones after reaching 200,000 registered players, and after reaching 300,000 registrants, users will receive another 100 Star Guidance Stones, bringing the total to 300, as well as a free SSR character.


On September 23, 2023, Atelier Resleriana is scheduled to premiere in Japan for Android and iOS devices. A Windows PC version via Steam will follow at a later time.