Mobile RPG Crystal Hearts 2 Is The Sequel of Crystal Hearts (2016)

LINE Games held their “LINE Games Play Game 2021” event at Seoul, where they’ve introduced their five new flagship projects for console, PC, and mobile.

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A sequel of the original mobile RPG Crystal Hearts 2016, Crystal Hearts 2: Compass of Dimension, is an adventure mobile RPG currently being developed by Netmarble F&C. This sequel succeeds the original’s soft-colored, fairy-tale like artworks but was enhanced even more with high-end 3D graphics. Crystal Hearts 2 will bring players through exciting adventures set in Arkan with rich and diverse strategic contents including a co-op mechanic for everyone to dive in.

This will be taking place in the Arkan continent 20 years after the previous story. Presenting Logue and his companions’ adventure, Crystal Hearts 2 have been developed to allow players to have more control over the battlefield and utilize different character attributes so that players will have a more enjoyable RPG experience.


Crystal Hearts 2 is scheduled to have a global launch by 2022.