Mobirix Revives Taito's Classic Arcade Game - Bubble Bobble

Today's generation is not familiar with this classic hit. Bubble Bobble is a 1986 classic arcade game created by Taito. And now, Mobirix revived it with enhanced graphics and gameplay. Mobirix officially launched the Bubble Bobble on iOS and Android last July 7, 2020.

Bubble Bobble.png

The game was a great success for Taito and resulted to a list of sequel. Back in 1986, this game was originally created as a two player co-op mode where you can play as Bob or Bub. But, in Mobirix's revived classic, you'll be able to play as 'Bubblun' or Bub.

Bubble Bobble b.jpg

The story didn't change. Baron Von Blubba kidnapped Bob and Bub's girlfriends and turned them into Bubble Dragons. In order to save their girlfriends, you'll be on the quest to clear 100 levels of the Cave of Monsters.

Bubble Bobble c.jpg

You have to defeat every enemy from each stage to progress. The gameplay mechanics are simple. You need to trap every monster in a bubble and pop them after. If you managed to clear the game, you'll unlock the super game. The controls include a sideway slide control, bubble button, and a jump button.

Although it was originally made as a two player game, the game supports single player only for now. Multiplayer options may be added in future updates. The game is currently free to play for both Android and iOS.
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