Mojang announces the Minecraft 1.20 Update during Minecraft Live 2022

Mojang’s yearly event, Minecraft Live, has taken place once again and it featured news about the latest developments in Minecraft as well as some major updates. The Minecraft Legends was also showcased and n ew information was released about the Minecraft Dungeons but the highlight of Minecraft Live was the Mob Vote and the 1.20 update for the main game, Minecraft.

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Here are the major contents that were announced during the Minecraft Live 2022:


Found in deserts, it can carry two players and have the ability to “dash” over rivers and ravines. They are passive and slower than horses but when riding it, hostile creatures like zombies can’t reach you.


More Default Skin
Joining Steve and Alex in the world of Minecraft are Makena, Efe, Noor, Kai, Ari, Sunny, and Zuri. They’ll be in the game starting on November 29th.

A new wood type, hanging signs, and chiseled bookshelves
A new wood type will be added in the game, which is bamboo wood. It can be used for all kinds of build and it doesn’t come off from a tree. With this new wood, there’s also a new block called “Bamboo Mosaic”, exclusive to bamboo wood.

Moreover, there’s now a bookshelf that can actually hold books. It can hold up to 6 books and its texture will change depending on the books put into it. For the hanging signs, it is crafted with regular signs and chains.

mob vote.png

The Mob Vote
Through the 3.5 million votes that were submitted, a winner has finally emerged in the Minecraft Live 2022 Mob Vote. Sniffer, the extinct mob, beat out the Tuff Golem and the Rascal.

Explore underwater ruins to find its eggs hidden away in chests, bring them up to the surface, and hatch your very own baby sniffer. When the sniffer grows up, it will help you find ancient seeds that you can grow into different decorative plants.

Mojang will release snapshots and betas over the year to slowly unravel the whole update. Compared to previous years, the studio decided to not give it a theme or title and just stick to the 1.20 update. As of the moment, details are scarce so stay tuned for more!