MoKai Adventure Closed Beta Test Starts Soon, Sign Up Now

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    Werold has announced that MoKai Adventure will be going into a Closed Beta Test(CBT) starting in middle June for Android.

    The CBT will be limited to a few thousand early access applicants.
    Players who joined this closed beta test and achieved the conditions will receive rewards in the commercial release.
    Sign up now for CBT here.

    Since the actual start date has yet to be announced, players will need to stay tuned to all the latest news, updates and assets! Follow MoKai Adventure on the Facebook fan page here.

    MoKai Adventure is a FREE to play mobile game where players can collect over 150 MoKai, each of which can be freely raised, and experience the comradeship developed during battles.

    Players will go through many storylines to face danger and difficulty together with MoKai.

    MoKai Adventure leads players to experience different battle from the other monster games. During the battle, players need to use MoKai of restriction property to add damage when attacking and switch places of MoKai to boost additional abilities or remove the debuff.

    Every MoKai has its own Ultimate Ability, it can only be used when RAGE is full. Through the use of Ultimate Ability, players can turn the tide of the battle.

    Key Facts
    • Title: MoKai Adventure
    • Genre: JRPG, Adventure
    • OS: Android
    • Pricing: Free (in-app purchase)
    • Developer: Werold

    Social Network

    For now, join the CBT and will be going to enjoy the MoKai Adventure.
    Sign up for CBT here.
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    !!!MoKai Adventure Begins Closed Beta Test On June 15!!!

    Finally! Werold announces the release date of closed beta test(CBT).
    CBT of MoKai Adventure starts from June 15 and end on June 28.
    The download link of CBT will be sent to the pre-register participators when CBT starts.
    Interested players can still pre-register before CBT starts here.

    MoKai Adventure is a Japanese-style RPG adventure and monster raising game featuring monsters of various and unique personalities.

    In this fantasy world full of MoKai, players will assume the role of the protagonist and use the "MoKai phone" to establish a close bond with the MoKai and lead the MoKai in an adventure to save the fantasy world.

    【Main Features】

    ★150+ MoKai to collect
    Collect over 150 MoKai, and change attribute and personality of MoKai by the highly free raising system. Each of MoKai can be freely raised to increase the combat ability.

    ★Lead your team to win by your strategy
    Develop your preset teams and choose the suitable team to the battle. You can also switch the place of the MoKai during the battle in real-time.

    ★Amazing skills
    Experience the amazing process of the battle in 3D. Release the Ultimate Ability and the Joint Skill manually to turn the tide of the battle.

    ★Interesting and touching stories
    Experience the protagonists’ adventurous saga, as well as touching friendships with MoKai.



    More information and activities will be released successively on the MoKai Adventure Facebook fan page! Like and follow us on the fan page.
  3. Werold

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