Monster Crossbreeding Action RPG Volzerk now have an English language option

Monster breeding RPG Volzerk has finally been updated with an English-language translation. Due to this, the game is now accessible to more players than before. But don’t be mistaken, the game has been available globally since its release back in January. However, it only has limited language options.


And in case you didn’t know, the game’s music came from the legendary Yoko Kanno.

If interested, this is Volzerk’s summary that allows you to know about how the game came about:

The island of Fort Lemuria. Discovered in a vast ocean, this island's rich landscape was dotted with countless mysterious ruins and inhabited by strange animals known as Monsters. Humankind agreed to organize a Research Commission in order to investigate the island and the monsters that live there.
...Then one day, the island guardian Volzerk clashed with the legendary beast known as Magna, and both were apparently destroyed.

Ten years have passed since that day.
Without the protection of Volzerk, the monsters of the island are in danger of extinction. However, a young girl is about to join the Research Commission.
Her name is Fina, and she is the only human alive who witnessed Volzerk's disappearance. With her obsessive love of monsters, Fina's sole goal in life is to get as close to them as she can.
And deep within her heart burns the desire to once again be reunited with Volzerk.

Team up with some of the creatures that live on the island to fight enemies that reside among them. You can also use some of the collectible mythical creatures as transport as you can ride on their backs.

Also, aside from exploration and combat, the game features an in-depth breeding system. Crossbreed monsters to create new creatures as well as to pass down their skills to their offspring. You can also breed your monsters with your friends’ monsters in multiplayer.