Monster Hunter Mobile, Netflix One Piece, Valorant Premier, ROG Phone 7, Harry Potter Quidditch Champions, Need for Speed Mobile, and more

Guild of Guardians
In our recent gaming podcast Filipino gamers discuss about the Netflix One Piece, Monster Hunter Mobile ARPG, Valorant Premier Details, ROG Phone 7, Duke Nukem Movie, Harry Potter Quidditch Champions, Need for Speed Mobile, Super Mario Brother Movie and Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Familia Myth Battle Chronicle.

Netflix One Piece Rumor​

Is anyone watching or reading One Piece? What are your thoughts? Are you guys aware that there will be a live-action adaptation… from Netflix? Who is known for their success in Death Note and Cowboy Bebop? Very successful right?

Why are we talking about One Piece? In a recent internet drama, the rumor circulated that the Netflix One Piece Adaptation test screening is a flop. Rumors suggest the adaption is bad because of the CGI, the makeup, and the source material deviation. Some good news though because this rumor is fake!

An official collaborator named Greg Werner who collaborates with Echiro Oda (the Pne Piece creator) stated the following "That test audience article that you don't need to read, click, or share, is entirely untrue", basically debunking the rumor.

However, even though Greg Werner is an official collaborator he didnt state any proof he just said the following "Subjective/objective criticism is welcome but there were empirically incorrect pieces of misinformation (which I can confirm) from the would-be source that exposed it. Oda meant what he said at JF", In short, everyone is saying “Trust me bro”, knowing Netflix Adaptations you know what happens example Cowboy Bebop and Death Note.

Valorant Premiere​

Now let's go to Valorant, if you are a competitive player Valorant will release the open beta of Valorant Premier on April 25. Valorant Premiere is a team-based competitive system. So you build a team and compete across a set of pre-scheduled matches and battle for glory against teams of a similar skill level. There will be weekly matches on your division and then go playoffs. TLDR this is a tournament system build within Valorant

If you are interested here is whats going to happen, For the Global Open beta if you want to join you will need SMS verification a completion of a ranked placement during any Act. Of course, you will need a team of 5-7 players which the team owner will enroll. The owner can enroll on the zone this will affect match schedules

Players will be seeded into 20 divisions based on MMR of the top 5 players. Each week there are atleast 2 matches. You will earn premiere score that will determine your team for playoffs. Then at the end of the beta, a tournament match will take place similar to pro matches. If you win you get player cards and title, basically bragging rights. For consolation player cards and title will be given to those who participated.

The next phase of Premier will return in July with the full launch planned for just after VCT Champions 2023 in August. According to Riot they are still evaluating how this can integrate in the pro scene basically you can go pro.

Monster Hunter Mobile​

Is anyone here playing Monster Hunter? How addicted are you? Ok, what if there is a free mobile game for Monster Hunter? I mentioned free because there is already a Mobile version called Monster Hunter Stories. Everything sounds cool, right? But what if we make it like Pokemon GO, Make an ARPG.

Because that's what's going to happen, Niantic and Capcom launching Monster Hunter Now, Niantic is known for Pokemon Go. The game will location-based game Monster Hunter Now launching for mobile. With tap and flick" battle controls rather than virtual buttons?

How do you guys feel about ARPG games? Because to be honest the moment I heard its an ARPG I stopped reading the article. There is a huge market for a proper Monster Hunter Mobile game as it has a large fanbase sadly they went the other route. If you are interested, the open for the beta test, which will kick off on Tuesday, April 25, and will launch for mobile later this year

Is anyone here watching Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Familia Myth?Yes that’s the title and it's not hentai, and not much harem too. Recently the release date for the mobile game has been announced. The game “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Familia Myth Battle Chronicle” will launch on May 23. Its a worldwide release for Android and Apple users. The game is a free-to-play fully voiced 3D action RPG. Play like genshin impact but dungeon based and with characters based from the Familia Myth anime

Duke Nukem Movie
Next up is not sure if anyone here is familiar with Duke Nukem? It's an iconic video game character through the 90s like Doom but more vulgar. Recently it has been announced that Duke Nukem will be receiving a live-action adaptation with the Cobra Kai Creators. No casting has been mentioned but who are your picks? John Cena? What are you expecting from the movie? I guess its going to be very adult-oriented if they follow the source material.

Harry Potter Quidditch
Since there is still no controversy we are parking this for QTE updates for now. So what are we talking about? Well Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions has been announced. It will be available for both consoles and PC. The game will be a multiplayer game where you obviously play Quidditch. No release date has been mentioned by playtest are now available on the official website

Mario Bros Movie
Good news from video game adaptations because seems like everything is doing good lately. Sonic and Last of Us to name a few. Because The Super Mario Bros. Movie is Expected To Hit $1 Billion. The reviews are good if we based on Audience. Critics gave it 59% while Audience gave it 96% for rotten tomatoes. Not all is good though coz there were controversies and issues. Some pointed out they cram in the whole Mario lore in a single movie. A Colombian actor but now an American is boycotting the show because he wants more representation of the Latinos for the super Mario movie who are Italians, but what do you think?

NFS Mobile
Seems like some gamers in a specific country cant follow NDA. Because for a second time, more gameplay footage for the upcoming Need for Speed mobile game has been leaked. You heard it right there is an NFS mobile game in development by Tencent Games and Electronic Arts. So far it looks like other racing games like Asphalt, why can't they just make NFS underground. If you are excited about the game so far no release date has been mentioned but based on leak footage the game seems to be playable already.

ROG Phone 7
Ok just a quick tech update, the 7th iteration of the ROG gaming phone or ROG Phone 7 has been launched. Are you a fan of gaming phones? It will have two variants ROG Phone 7 and the Ultimate. Only difference is the small display at the back for aesthetics. No official price for the Philippines but ROG Phone 7 starts at £999 around 70K PHP


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