Monster Hunter Riders Announced!

Monster Hunter Fans, it seems that you have a new game waiting for you to be played. However, this time it's on mobile! For mobile lovers out there that want to try Monster Hunter, this is your chance because they will be releasing a new Monster Hunter game and it is Free-to-Play, yep you heard it right, it is F2P. The name is Monster Hunter Riders and it will be available on both Android and iOS.

Some people are saying that the gameplay and graphics are similar to Monster Hunter Stories, which is another Monster Hunter game that is available in the 3DS, Android and iOS but instead of F2P it's priced $19.99. As for the story, you start off with a rider company that is investigating about the whereabouts of a Dark Rider group out there. So you acquire more monsters and riders to find out more, it is also said that they will be releasing a preregister campaign where if they reach 100,000 preregisters, each person who joined in will get materials for levelling up riders and monsters such as 500 Monster Rice Balls, 1000 Rider Ores, and finally 2500 Zenny, these will help you have a head start in the game, which is a nice addition. If it reaches 200,000 preregisters, everyone will get a 3 star egg.

While details are still being clarified, the release date is within the dates close to February 29, 2020. Since this is a free to play game, it would be expected to have microtransactions and possibly a gacha system for acquiring new riders and monsters to fund the game. If you are alright with that and want to try a Monster Hunter game, then we suggest to look out for this game and try it out yourself.