Monster Hunter Wilds official trailer features new monsters, and a glimpse at some characters

The first official trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds, which debuted earlier this week, features initial looks at the game's story, characters, mechanics, and wild, monster-filled countryside.


About the Game​

Players in Monster Hunter Wilds become members of a unique Research Commission squad tasked with examining the Forbidden Lands. The hunter, who is fully voiced for the first time in the Monster Hunter series, sets off into the unknown with the help of their palico, Alma, the Guild's assigned handler, and an enigmatic youngster. Multi-dimensional biomes that are capable of surprising transformations can be found in Monster Hunter Wilds. The Windward Plains, a large territory including arid deserts, twisting rock formations, and swaying grasslands full of life, is the first location to be revealed.

Monster Hunter Wilds First Official Trailer​

Monster Hunter Wilds - New Monsters​

These fully immersive ecosystems are home to smaller creatures such as the seasonally migrating herbivorous wyvern Dalthydon and the herd-dependent Ceratonoth, whose well-developed dorsal horns act as lightning rods, protecting the herd from violent storms.


Doshaguma and other huge monsters are, of course, also roaming the Windward Plains. Despite their size and territorial nature, it is interesting to occasionally see these wingless creatures prowling the plains in hostile packs. Meanwhile, Chatacabra, a powerful amphibian, fortifies its body with natural resources like ore, using its environment and sticky saliva to make it an even more deadly foe.

A plethora of new features have been added to the series' renowned gameplay to assist hunters in rising to the challenges that lie ahead in Monster Hunter Wilds. The transition from story moments to gameplay will happen smoothly and uninterrupted for the player. The game presents Seikrets, a brand-new kind of mount, to let players navigate the vast landscapes of this universe.


These agile animals are capable of leading their riders to their targets and enabling hunters to carry out tasks like gathering supplies, honing weapons, and using the slinger while in motion. Moreover, hunters can use their Seikret to switch to a secondary weapon, enabling hunting groups to adjust to shifting circumstances in the field without having to return to base.

Monster Hunter Wilds - Weapons and New Features​

In Monster Hunter Wilds, all 14 of the recognizable weapon types from the series are back and have changed to add new abilities. The game also adds all-new technologies, like Focus Mode, which allows hunters to target, defend, and attack the weak parts of monsters with more accuracy. Along with these new features, the Hook Slinger gives hunters the ability to perform contextual actions and gather objects remotely, even when mounted on their Seikret.

Monster Hunter Wilds - Characters​


Players of Monster Hunter: World who link their save data to Monster Hunter: Wilds will earn exclusive bonus items. This includes the Felyne Duffel Set (Palico Armor) and Felyne Trekker Peckaxe (Palico Weapon) for linking save data from the game's massive expansion Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, as well as the Felyne Leather Set (Palico Armor) and Felyne Acorn Spade (Palico Weapon) for linking save data from the Monster Hunter: World base game.


Monster Hunter Wilds is set to launch on the PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PC through Steam in 2025 so stay tuned for more updates and announcements!