Moonlight Sculptor - Mobile MMORPG Based On Korean Hit Light Novel Launched In Taiwan iOS Android 

Popularly known as a Korean light novel, The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor turned into a mobile game. Developed by XLGAMES, along with the great efforts of Kakao Games and Gamania, the Moonlight Sculptor finally landed in Taiwan! With its successful launch in South Korea last year and a great launch in Taiwan recently, will the Moonlight Sculptor reach other more countries too?

Moonlight Sculptor A.jpg

You might find the images unappealing since most of us here don't have any access to the game yet. Well, I find it in the same way too until I watched some gameplay and dug some more information that I realized, it's not that bad. In a matter of fact, the features of the game are quite interesting.

Moonlight Sculptor B.jpg

The game reached the top 1 spot in the iOS App Store Free Games category and top 8 in the overall ranking in Play Store in South Korea. And that proves how good the game is. I mean, I've never seen any mobile RPG out there that lets you decorate your own home. Its purpose? To let you experience or feel the true meaning of going back home after a tiring day.

Moonlight Sculptor C.jpg

There's no use in including Taiwan's pre-registration details as it is now CLOSED, and as I have said earlier, we don't have access to their server. But for our talented translators and VPN users who did, I guess all I can say is congratulations and enjoy! A lot of players worldwide are expecting a global version already.

That was the official game trailer of Moonlight Sculptor. And looking at the characters from the video, and from the images as well, you might have got the hint of the "classes". Well, it's an MMORPG with the word "Sculptor" in the title. What do you expect?

According to different gameplay online, the game offers 5 classes. The names weren't fully translated, but based on the icons showed, they're basically Knight, Mage, Archer, Priest, and the mysterious final class called Classless. Everybody knows the first 4 classes. As for the 'Classless', it is the one that eventually becomes a "Sculptor". Pretty neat, right?

Moonlight Sculptor D.jpg

Just like how it goes with the light novel series, the game is set in Royal Road with the theme of VRMMORPG. The game offers pets as a company if you don't feel like teaming up with your fellow players in the game. Finally, what makes this game particularly unique is its secret hidden areas and open-ended quests. I mean, sure, some games do also have those features. But for this type of mobile MMORPG, it's perfect!

Moonlight Sculptor E.jpg

As for the game modes, the game offers PVE and PVP content. We can't fully tell whether the game is F2P friendly or not at the moment. It has an Arena and another PVP area where you can fight for the title of "Highest Knight of Order" along with other various exclusive rewards. The PVE content includes dungeons where you can get rare items.

Moonlight Sculptor F.jpg

If there's any downside to this game that the players noticed, it's the usual problem of RPGs - repetitive quests. Quests that feel more like daily chores rather than exciting RPG quests. But other than that, the Moonlight Sculptor can be the next best casual RPG we can all enjoy. The game is available on both Android and iOS. I've found the relative links, but the App Store link is restricted. You can check them out below.
Before this ends, I'd like to acknowledge and give the credits to XLGames, Kakao Games, and Gamania for the video and images I've used. We're all hoping that your game finds its way in more countries including here in the Philippines. As for the readers, are you interested? Come and join us in our Moonlight Sculptor discussion now!