Moonton Issues Exclusivity Contract, Prevents Several Esports Organizations From Fielding Wild Rift Teams

As Riot Games' League of Legends: Wild Rift looks to enter the Asian esports scene, it might be potentially facing a roadblock due to Moonton's new exclusivity contract.


Onic Esports' Govher "Gov" Tallulembang Madethen first broke the news in a since-deleted livestream video on Wild Rift YouTuber Kurohiko's channel. Moonton is allegedly seeking to control the esports market in the region, according to the player. However, he refused to say anything more about the matter.

In order to participate in official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang events and tournaments, several known esports organizations may have to drop their League of Legends: Wild Rift rosters as part of signing up an exclusivity contract with Moonton. Heated rumors and social media controversy has sparked up because of the alleged report, following the news that Indonesia’s leading esports organization, Bigetron Esports, are allegedly required to release their Wild Rift rosters.


Wild Rift Esports News publication posted in a tweet claiming that the contract restricts organizations to be able to compete only in Mobile Legends a strip them off the right to have a professional LoL: Wild Rift team.

WR Esports Manager for Riot Games SEA, Ban “ChisinX” Chee, stated that esports organizations will not be barred from competing in other mobile esports competitions, however he did not specifically address the allegations. "No further comment on the matter," he added.

On the other hand, Team Secret’s CEO John Yao posted on his personal Facebook account regarding the issue, stating that Moonton’s move was counterintuitive for the esports ecosystem.


"Kind of amusing that Mobile Legends teams are not allowed to have Wild Rift divisions, but in Mobile Legends itself Evos can have 30 teams, RSG can have 20 teams, Onic can have 10 teams, etc.

I mean literally the regional competitions frequently have sister team vs sister team in the same tournament, which is far below global standards. Cannot be good from a healthy ecosystem or competitive integrity standpoint. Even for orgs, investing in multiple games is integral to survival, so I certainly hope ML is paying really well enough to justify signing away exclusivity.

Feel free to take shots at me now."

-John Yao, Team Secret CEO

But amidst all the rumors and controversy, the exclusive contract may only be optional, according to sources cited by Spin PH. the article stated that Moonton offers a "Commercial Contract" that generates cash and benefits for those who accept it. This arrangement, however, is fully voluntary, and Moonton does not compel organizations to accept the exclusive agreement.

The report reads, “The leagues don’t ask the teams for exclusivity. While the player roster is exclusive - the branding of the teams and organizations are not." Team A, for example, is competing in the MPL Indonesia. If there is a different player roster or if there are transfers during the regular season, they will be able to compete in Wild Rift.


Alter Ego, Onic Esports, RRQ, Nexplay Esports, Evos Esports, Bigetron Esports, Geek Fam, and Smart Omega are among the esports groups that may be affected by this exclusivity contract. Moonton has yet to issue a statement on the situation.