Moonton might add a Skin Swap Feature in Mobile Legends sometime in the future

As Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is getting more popular each day, there have been numerous collaborations and exciting events that have been going on in the Land of Dawn.

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With the game’s massive player base growth, Moonton seems to be planning to introduce a new feature in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. According to the leaks, there’s a speculation that a swap
skin features will arrive in the game.

Though the skin swap event has been leaked before, it never came in the game. However, leaks and content creators are now hinting that Moonton will be introducing it soon. As what its name entails, players will be able to swap any skin they want with another friend.

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As MLBB has always brought unique designs and jaw-dropping collaborations with big franchises, skins have been a big part in the game. But since the skins can be a tad bit pricey for some players, claiming those skins is not possible for them. Add to that, luck isn’t always with them when it’s about a Gacha or bingo event. But if this skin swap event really comes through, it will resolve the buying issues that some players have.

However, as there are no clear details about this event since official leak announcements and official hints are scarce, we’ll have to keep our eyes open and wait patiently.

The rumors about what will arrive in the Land of Dawn doesn’t end there, more are coming and one of those is the Diamond Gifting feature with friends. Players who can’t easily buy diamonds will be able to ask their friends for some if this becomes a reality.

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Add to that, is the Friend list Card, which will allow players to add more friends beyond the limit. This will cost 55 diamonds. Rumors also say that there might be an option to delete a recently sent text and a rewind/reverse play option.

As there is yet any official announcement from Moonton, it’s best to just wait patiently for any news about these possible new additions in the game.
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