Moonton Optimizes the Ranked System Through These Three New Techniques

Moonton Games reveals that they are planning to add more optimizations in the Star-raising Points and Star-Protection Points for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

mobile legends.jpg

In a tweet they posted in the official Twitter account of Mobile Legends, the developers announced that they are working on the optimizations of the ranked system of the game to make it more balanced and fair.

The new optimizations are focused on team players, especially the first and second approaches, as it merits players who have helped the team but doesn’t have the stats like kills or gold advantages. The third rewards players who were unlucky in the ranked matchmaking of the game and still did exceedingly well during the match despite losing against the opposing team.

moonton patch.png

Players have mixed emotions regarding the patch as some said the patch was good and commended the developers while others like it but said that the matchmaking system should be fixed first instead.

For the meantime, as these balance changes take effect, players should observe how it will affect the rank climb in the game.