Moonton rolls out update to Mobile Legends' Magic Wheel System

The Magic Wheel is a spin event in Mobile Legends that grants the opportunity to win skins, pieces, and diamonds, with the help of a little bit of luck. The greatest reward, a Magic Crystal, can be used to purchase a Legend skin. To spin the Magic Wheel, players will require diamonds or a Crystal of Aurora. The utilization of the Magic Wheel System, its redesign, and various changes in Mobile Legends will all be discussed below.


Players needed 60 diamonds or COA to spin the wheel once in the previous magic wheel system, and five draws cost 270 diamonds or COA. A Magic Crystal is exceedingly unlikely to be won, but if you spin the Magic Wheel 200 times, you are definitely guaranteed to win one.

Magic Wheel System changes​

Equivalent Magic Cores​

Crystal and magic points are turned into equivalent magic cores. A magic crystal will be changed into 200 magic cores, and players with 50 magic points will become 50 magic cores. A legend skin is available to players that have 200 magic cores. On August 8, the Adjustments will be made to the official server.


New Items in Magic Shop​

There will also be new products in the magic shop in addition to the adjustments mentioned above. The magic shop, which players can access with magic cores, will include eight new custom actions and eight new exclusive trail effects for the currently available Legend skins.

Instead of always producing 1 magic point, each draw on the revamped Magic Wheel now has a chance to produce 5 magic cores. Given the recent changes, it is still unclear if the new magic wheel will be more expensive or less expensive until the drop rate is examined on the official server.


The Advanced server continues to reflect the updates. It's difficult to predict whether the new changes will increase or decrease the price of the Legend skin. Players must wait until the update is tested on the official server and by several well-known YouTubers.