Moonton will be implementing the revamped talent system soon in MLBB which will be the biggest change in the game ever

Moonton has announced that they have brought back the talent system, the revamp of the emblem system. This system is one of the biggest changes that Moonton will implement in the game this year.

mlbb talent system.png

The talent system was first introduced last year but the developers canceled its rollout in September due to the feedback it received from the beta testers. However, even if it got canceled, the talent system was not scrapped. Instead, the developers opted for them to revisit it at a later date.

And now, that day has arrived. The developers made the announcement about the system through the game’s official Facebook page. In the post, the developers gave details about the changes that they have done based on the feedback they received from the community.

According to the developers, the aim for the changes that they have implemented was to make the understanding of the new system easier for new players and veterans. One of those significant changes is the retention of player-acquired emblem levels, which means players will not lose their progress anymore. Add to that, the emblem fragments required were adjusted and it will no longer cost battle points.

Merging with basic common emblems are the common magic and physical emblems, which will further simplify the system. The user interface has also been improved so that players can edit their talent setup easier before the game starts.

Stay tuned for further developments about this new system because it will likely be implemented in the advanced server soon for another round of testing.