More CrossFire tactics! Ghost Mode and DM


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Nov 4, 2018
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Crossfire tips and tricks:

-ghosts breathe very loud and other players can hear it when nearby them.

-using mp3 headphones while playing a ghost mode can allow you to hear a ghost's breathing more clearly and allow you to have a general sense of direction in where the breathing is coming from.

-ghosts do not become completely invisible right when they stop moving, it takes about .5-1 second delay to become completely invisible after you stop moving.

-you can jump on to some boxes and other objects that would normally be inaccessible by crouch jumping (jumping and then crouching in mid air)

-when planting a bomb in search and destroy, place the bomb in a wide open area, so it is easier to shoot anyone who tries to defuse it.

-when planting a bomb in ghost mode, try to plant it somewhere enclosed but still a bit open so you have room to run. also try to place it somewhere where you can easily run in and out of cover as to cause a lot of confusion without the dangers of being wide open all the time.

-the two windows that open onto the very big b site balcony window, that overlooks all of b site, on hakenreuz can easily be accessed from the balcony area. if you jump onto the boxes below them, then jump on the small sign post under the left window (left if you are looking at the windows from the outside) then jump on to the small ledge right outside the window. you can then go to either side of the ledge and wait for unsuspecting ghosts. you can also get into the windows by running into them and then crouching, just trying to run through them will not work.

-on laboratory in b site, you can access the v.w.a. vent in the back of b site. all you have to do is jump on tho the metal ring around the top of b site right in front of the vent. next you have to crouch then press the space bar to jump as you walk towards the vent. if you do this right, you can easily access the v.w.a. vent from both sides. (this is a good trick for a ghost trying to attack someone trying to hide in there).

-(don't send me a suggestion to include the T.D. Ship trick that gets you into the enemy base, i know how to do it, it would just take way too long to explain. i might create a video showing how to do it, but im not explaining it in words).

-when you can hear a ghost planting the bomb in the a site of hakenreuz, try shooting around the sewer opening behind the glowing machine in the middle. this is where ghosts normally plant the bomb.

-in laboratory, to get on the pipes in the underground tunnel, you just crouch jump on to them. the best place to camp on the pipes is the corner of the tunnel that leads to b site.

-to quick stab with a knife, without hacking, instead of clicking the left mouse button quickly to do a slice then a stab, just click it at a steady pace, slower than normal and you should be able to just slice over and over. this is somewhat harder in tenser situations because of your immediate reaction to click the stab button as fast as possible when you are in danger.

-you can jump on to certain lamp posts in hakenreuz in the GR spawn area that will give you and excellent vantage point of the area around you.

-when attacking an unsuspecting passerby in ghost mode, try to attack them on their left side. most right handed people will automatically turn in a clockwise circle. this gives you some extra time to get at least one more stab in.

-when an enemy is farther away, try to use short bursts of fire to dispatch him, other than trying to be an * and unload your clip on them, hoping that at most 10% of the bullets fired made contact with their target.

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