More FATE coming your way: Fate/Extella and Extella Link coming to Mobile

Rejoice Fate fans as you thought that the good news has ended on Fate/Extra Record, there are more on the way for those who really are left in awe in the first announcement.

But patience is key as always so with the out of the way, let's talk about the latest surprise that Type-Moon has announced this week.

Extella Link a.jpg

Fate/Extra has reached its 10th anniversary and for its celebration has revealed that Fate/Extella and Extella Link will be available in the mobile phones! In fact, the game is up now in the Japanese Google Play Store with the amount of ¥2,440 JPY. This has been a shock for other people has some fans have never played the Extella series and have been wanting to but does not have the means to do so. While it is available in PC, Nintendo Switch and the Playstation. Having it most accessible by smartphones is definitely a way to go!

Extella Link b.jpg

Fate/Extella's story comes to play after Fate/Extra which the protagonist (True Name: Hakuno Kishinami) have won in their previous holy grail war, the Moon Holy Grail War. Having emerged victorious, he and his servant, Nero received the Regalia ring which makes them rule over their previous adversaries but they will then face another enemy which also has a Regalia. With a threat looming in their way, old rivalries are mended to face their new enemy.

Extella Link c.jpg

Meanwhile, Fate/Extella Link is a sequel to Extella which they face a new enemy in SE.RA.PH in the form of a "great emperor" and Hakuno together with Altera has been rescued by Charlemagne after an ambush has been made against them. With new allies and a bigger threat in the wake, they will team up to defeat them before a mind control process has succeeded.

Extella Link d.jpg

As for how the gameplay works, after the criticisms of Fate/Extra in their rock-paper-scissors approach, the developers seem to have revamped the system in order to have an interesting take with Extella. If you have played Dynasty Warriors before, then that's what you will expect in this game. Who doesn't like the brawler hack'n'slash right? Seeing your servants attack huge crowd of enemies with a noble phantasm ready to decimate them all, it is truly a sight to behold. Well, here's a youtube video by Linkmstr for reference.

However, here comes the bad news. This has only been sighted in the Japanese Play Store. There is no news right now that it will come to the West at the time of writing this article. But, don't be discouraged, maybe in a year or two they may decide to drop it in the Western mobile market as well. Fate is well known all across the world and not just in Japan, maybe we'll get it in the future.

That's not all as well! For the players of Fate Grand/Order, we usually have special campaigns featuring freebies and goodies once a Fate related event drops. With the news of Fate/Extra Record coming in soon and perhaps a future release of the mobile version of Extella outside Japan, Fate fans keep on receiving good news left and right!

Extella Link e.jpg

With money pouring in from Grand Order and a devoted fan base who will keep getting the recent things in the game. Fate will be there as long as the popularity is still high, and yes it still is. I am definitely curious in Extella and hope it gets a Western release for us to download and try it. After all, we have Umu and Tamamo there, it's all enough for me to dive in the game. But how about you? Tell us in the comments below!