More than Just a Valentine Season: 10 Upcoming Games in February 2020

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Yes, February, the second month of the year and where hearts are fluttery and love is everywhere to be found. That is if you have a partner, otherwise, welcome to the Singles' Club! But don't fret, single or taken, there's always a way to enjoy ourselves in the season of love, by video games ofcourse! So today, we will be discussing 10 Games that will hit the stores physically and digitally this February! Notice that this post will not be in order and will just list 10 games that will sure to pique our interest this month.


Are you relishing from the old school role playing games that you have played in your childhood? Or are you just into retro games that you want something that will satisfy that craving of yours. Well, look no further than Stoneshard, it shares a lot of commonality to those games. It is turn-based, the graphics are appealing despite its retro-look. Add to the fact that it says that in their Steam store page that it has no restrictions then it would be an RPG worthy of our play. Plus, it's open-world with tons of items and quests to look after. Sounds like a must-buy! Stoneshard will be available in PC in the Steam store in February 7, 2020. Do be on the lookout!

Two Point Hospital

Some people love simulation and management games, albeit they are very niche and it is only by a select few that really likes this type of genre. There is something special about games that let you grow and see your works. Well, this one is about to get fun and weird, in a good way! Two Point Hospital lets you run a hospital (of course) but with some twists, the diseases you will cure is very unique and out of this world, so don't expect your usual diseases here. There is also the thrill in handling your employees to avoid your company to fall into ruin. The PC version of the game has garnered overwhelmingly positive results and that alone stands to testament that it is a good game for those who loves these types of games. Your healthcare services will be opening soon in the PS4, XBOX One and the Switch in February 25, 2020!

Darksiders Genesis

Do you want a hack and slash game with fantastic graphics, flashy gameplay and a coop mode that sure would cause great amounts of enjoyment throughout the session? Then look no further than Darksiders Genesis, this game allows you to control two horsemen, War and Strife as they take down both angels and demons that will stand in their way as they solve the conspiracy they are handling. You can play both as War and Strife in a single player experience or if you have a friend, you two can play coop mode in either online or split screen mode! Discover additional items as you collect more items, enhancements and creature cores! This action adventure game sure would make you and your buddy have an awesome time! Check it out in Nintendo Switch, XBOX One and PS4, this Valentine's Day, February 14, 2020!

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics

A fan of Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem and you want an alternative while you wait for said games to have another release? Look no further in this game. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics is a tactics game that is based in the same name minus the tactics part. Here, you will lead a resistance group called Gelfling as they take on their overlords known as the Skeksis, with numerous quests, recruitables along the way, with various of unique jobs. If you are looking for a tactics game then this game is for you. Plus if you're a fan of this series this game will be a sweet treat indeed. Coming in PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and XB1, you won't miss out whatever platform you hold, released at February 4, 2020.

Bayonetta and Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle

Fly me to the moon and let's destroy some angels and some annoying space bosses with our Augmented Reaction Suit. Does not matter if you pick either because you will get both! Introducing, Bayonetta and Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle! This bundle will include 2 classic characters that you will indeed have a fun time. You can play as Bayonetta, a well-beloved Umbra Witch as you slay angelic foes with tons of weapons, abilities and beasts through the power of your hair. Oooh mama, and she fights with style! A true killer who knows her art. Then again, you can play as a DARPA Agent with a goal to save Earth before it leads to a global strife with tons of boss battles and a huge plethora of weapons you might have never seen before. 10 Years of its glory will be revisited in the PS4 in February 18, 2020!

Megaman Zero/ZX Legacy Edition

Another nostalgic treat for Megaman fans might be craving. Megaman Zero/ZX Legacy Edition follows Zero as he wakes up from his 100 year slumber to defeat Reploids and all kinds of enemies to protect those he hold dear. This new version will include 6 titles into one game. These titles are Megaman Zero 1,2.3 and 4 together with Megaman ZX and ZX Advent. Play casually or competitively depending on your liking. As you can play in a Casual Scenario Mode and including a Save-Assist feature that lets you save in a checkpoint in the area that you wish to stop for a while as you go do other things.This will lessen the pressure of those who may have limited time to play. Otherwise, show the world your skills with the new Z-Chaser mode that features a leaderboard-based game competing those who are experts and masters of the game. For those who wish to relive the classics, keep on the lookout in February 25, 2020 in PC, PS4, XB1, and the Switch.

Street Fighter V: Champion's Edition

Street Fighter, but more complete! With all the DLCs and additional fighters that they are putting in each quarter. It's about time to consolidate the game and make it more... complete, now that's a champion! But enough with the puns, Street Fighter V will have a new version which adds all the things that they have included in the past with a simple buy button rather than looking in additional content and buying them individually. This makes a convenient buy for those Street Fighter fans that are holding on their wallets due to additional new content that they are waiting to finally finish! The Champion's Edition will release February 14, 2020 in the PS4 and PC!

Yakuza 5 Remastered Version

Last of the remastered games in this list, but surely not the least since the Yakuza franchise has been well-known to the gamers for a long time. Yakuza 5, because it has 5 protagonists with 5 cities to explore, clearly a big brain moment. However, the game has been really received well and was heralded as the San Andreas of the Yakuza franchise. Now it's being remastered. Relive the moments of these 5 characters as they unfold what lies within the families' connection with their lives connected to each other. Another PS4 exclusive, available at February 11, 2020.

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows

HERO! For anime fans, we all know how great One Punch Man is as an anime series, a hero that is never defeated is usually looked over as an overpowered character and devoid of story to be told yet Saitama continues to entertain us with his antics and his struggles as a hero in the world filled with villains with various sizes and threats. We will love him more in the game, One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows. Featuring a 3D Brawler Arena type of game. You play with 3v3 matchups but if you include Saitama to the team, he will be late to the fight, as always in the anime. But when he arrives, beware as you are only literally ONE PUNCH away to losing if you are fighting him. Yet if both have a Saitama on their team then it's a sudden death of a match, the first one wins! Filled with notable characters from heroes to villains, One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows will release in PS4, XB1 and PC in February 27, 2020.


Finally, a game that lets you make more games. Dreams is a game creation system that lets you make more games with its tools and engine that lets you run various genres with it. The universe is the limit as you can make from platformer, RPG, puzzle games, and a whole lot more. Since it's been open to a select few to others, the game has had games ready for the players to play before trying to experiment on their own. Now, imagine when the other users try and make their own games, this will surely be a blast! Don't let dreams just stay as dreams, create them with... DREAMS! Leaving the early access at Valentine's Day, February 14, 2020!


Surely even without a date, February will keep you entertained with games that have various types of story, genre for all types of players. Now, move on with your loveless blues or invite your SO over for a game or two to spice up the Valentines' season this February. Tons of games to look out for so ready your wallets and game on!