Mortal Kombat: Aftermath is the Expansion where Terminator vs Robocop becomes real plus new story! PC 

With the main plot of Mortal Kombat 11 revolves around the timelines of the franchise and how they have dealt with the main antagonist messing around it, it's time for Liu Kang to fix it with Raiden's guidance, but it seems that there are things left undone as Shang Tsung, Sheeva, Fujin and Nightwolf have other things to settle as well, so we embark on a journey once more.

Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath sets us with a new story that is being talked about by the fans of the community. There have been speculations and questions regarding Shang Tsung's motives and actions. But whatever it is, we will just need to prepare ourselves for the unfolding story. There are returning characters as well like Fujin and Sheeva which made lifelong fans of the game happy to see them back once more. But let's pull back from the story as it is best knowing while playing it and go to see what are the added features in the game.

Powah of Friendships

We've all seen brutalities and fatalities in the game and the sheer gore and bloodshed it brings gives are refreshing to others due to its realism. While those who are sensitive to blood and other things choose to avoid playing this game since it's always in the table. Why not do the opposite and do FRIENDSHIPS! Yes, you heard that right, friendships!

Feel the non-violence and comedic style of fatalities with friendships! Which is coming over to MK11 whether you have the base game or Aftermath included!

Updated Stage Versions and Skins

This update also brings about 3 skin packs that will be released over time. So expect it to arrive a staggered way. Skins are always a way to entice a various design for a character. Those who want to fight with style would definitely want this. Because, why not bruise up the enemy with flair and fashion, right?

Alongside with a better version of the Deadpool stage in MK2 and Soul Chamber from MK3, relive the nostalgia as you play those stages with better quality.

RoboCop joins the kombat

With every expansion, there is bounds to be new characters to use, especially in fighting games. Ofcourse, Mortal Kombat 11 is not an exception to this rule. Meet Robocop, he joins the fray as he is the new character in the game that players will test to see if he's strong or not. But enough about meta, this is something interesting, especially...

Robocop vs Terminator is going to be REAL! Not just an Epic Rap Battle of History video, a cross-over comic series or an old SNES game, but in Mortal Kombat 11. Let's see now who really is the best hunk of metal in the town. If someone does this match, do tell us of the details 'kay? It sure going to be interesting.

Starting out Fresh?

If this entices you to play MK11, be our guest! It's in a great spot right now with the story and the characters that they are introducing, even the non-MK ones. If you plan to start out fresh, then just buy the Mortal Kombat: Aftermath Kollection, it's usually $60, nevermind the 59.99 and just go for 60 straight. It has everything from the base game, the expansion, and all the character skin packs and new characters. That will definitely keep you on the right path and updated to the latest version of the game.

Well, if you have the game, Aftermath is $40 (again, touted as 39.99, but meh, psychological pricing). Get the game in May 26, digitially or wait for the physical version, it might be slower here in the Philippines than in the US. So if you want a game you can hold, patience is key.


A story expansion with interesting characters and some free content for those who just plays the base game. This is a solid move by the Mortal Kombat devs to attract new players and keep the other players active to the game. There have been positive praises so far on the community that they should keep it going so they can increase more popularity even further. If you want a new fighting game, that is not entirely new, but a refreshing take in the realism of fighting games with the gore and all, would you play MK11? Tell us in the comments below if so and what are your thoughts of the Aftermath expansion.