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Apr 22, 2019
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So guys moskov might not be in the META right now but at late game he will be the most powerful marksman in the battlefield, with crazy attack speed and CC he's the best marksman for me

>Moskov is a mobile and fast demon,a marksman which cost 32,000 bp, he's the best marksman if you like playing low key and agressive at the same time

==Pros And Cons==

•Fast clearer
•Shreds even the tankiest of tanks
•Fast Attacker
•Good for teamfights
•Has a valuable CC
ΔHigh chances of getting killed from assassins
ΔAlot of practice for his 2nd skill


¤Passive:Spear of Quiescence
Moskov's spear penetrates enemies dealing reduced damage than the 1st hit

¤1st:Abyssal Walker
Moskov teleports to a location and increases his attack speed, every basic attack can reduce this skills cd by 1 second, the passive's penentration range also gets farther when the skill is cast

¤2nd:Spear of Misery
Moskov throws the Spear of Misery,knocking back an enemy and if the enemy hits a wall or hits another enemy,they will be stunned for 1.5 seconds

¤Ult:Spear of Destruction
After a long charge,Moskov throws his gigantic spear dealing damage along the way,this skill is ALMOST worldwide,and if moskov hits an enemy,he increases his physical attack,can stack up to 5


>I use Marksman Emblem with the use of Weapon Master
>For spells,Inspire if you're still a beginner of moskov
>Retribution for fast farming
>Aegis for safety


•Demon Shoes-because moskov eats alot of mana

•Demon Hunter Sword-since moskov mostly relies on attack speed,this item is a must for him

•Scarlet Phantom-For increased attack speed and crit

•Berserkers Fury-for more crit

Situational Items:

•Wind of Nature-if enemies have a lit of physical damage dealers and if you want sustain

•Malefic Roar-if enemies have 2 or more tanks

•Rose Gold Meteor-for added sustain,perfect for burst heroes like Eudora

•Immortality-if you die a lot or there are a lot of magic dmg dealers

•Blade of Despair-if its super late game

>What to know in this build is that it focuses on crit and attack speed and not much on sustain because i mostly based on my 1st skill because like on the description every basic attack reduces the cd of the skill and not only that but it increases moskovs attack speed every use of the skill so building attack speed is a must and thats why i built demon shoes instead of swift because you need to constantly use his 1st skill and his 1st skill cost a lot of mana


>At early, go to midlane so that you can farm and lvl up fast because moskov needs his items, and its your choice for your starting item,if you want to spam skills more or if you already have retribution buy 2 mana necklaces but if you want to jungle more and you dont have retribution then buy hunters knife

>Always keep an eye out of enemies movements and know when is the right time to use his 2nd skill, his 2nd skill is also his top priority, learn the basics of using his 2nd skill properly, when the enemy is near a wall, position yourself with your 1st skill then throw your 2nd skill to the enemy and its a possible kill

>When using moskov at early game,you dont really need to rotate much in order to gank but what you can do is help your teammates with your ultimate, just like a YSS ult when there is a fight happening either top or bot lane aim your ult to the enemies in order to get an assist, just a simple help can change the tide of the game

>At midgame, prioritize in pushing, with your crazy attack speed pushing turrets is a breeze

>In teamfights only use your ult and 1st skill, 2nd skill is optional when there are enemies close to each other or an enemy near a wall, cause if you use your 2nd skill in teamfights or even if you're chasing an enemy they have high chances to run freely

>At lategame, you're a monster, make sure you're always in for teamfights and aim for damage dealers so after that you can now aim for tanks

>If possible, you can solo lord because of the massiveattack speed and crit you have

>And still prioritize pushing, you have a really good pushing capability

==Tips And Tricks==

>If you plan on ganking, have a really good sense of the map since you're squishy and not really for ganking, also stun enemies with your 2nd skill if possible

>Always hit your enemies with your passive for extra damage

>Use your passive on minions for faster clearing

>Try to read the minds of your enemies, for example you position yourself in order to hit your enemy with your passive, the enemy then goes left in order for you to not hit him/her, then suddenly the enemy is near a wall, this is your chance to stun him/her with your 2nd skill and freely use basic attacks on him/her

~Thats it for the #MLTLG_Moskov_Guide did you like it?If you do leave a nice comment for me, ill be reading and thanking you!

P.S.:Update sa grades ko, got no line of 7 finally getting my allowance. Not saying this to boast but to tell you all that me and my other admin's life doesnt revolve on playing ML and making guides, we also balance our time on playing games and studying. Just some words of inspiration for y'all