Motivate.Trust Gaming Leads Group A After Top Clans 2020 Day 1

The Group Stages have started for Top Clans 2020, and four teams have entered the battlefield to draw the first blood. In Group A, Motivate.Trust Gaming, Bren Esports, IO Dota 2, and Adroit Esports were called first into the arena, and they didn’t disappoint. We saw results from both ends of the spectrum, from overwhelming force to teetering balance.

Top Clans 2020 .png

First up were IO Dota 2 against Adroit Esports. IO drafted a Sven-Io combo for the first game, allowing the Sven to go for a glasscannon build in itemization. Adroit was able to evade the Sven for a while, kiting the brutish warrior around teamfights to get him out of position and away from his teammates. However, a full six-slotted Sven eventually became too much for Adroit to handle, and IO Dota 2 was able to take game 1.

Motivate.Trust Gaming.jpg

Motivate.Trust Gaming scores the first clean sweep in Group A (photo from MG.Trust Facebook)

IO’s domination continued in game 2, with IO exerting map control with their powerful Wraith King. However, the Wraith King carry was no match going high ground against Adroit’s Medusa. In a war of attrition, it was Medusa who was able to overcome the enemy, with a teamwipe on IO’s team leading to a straight push in the middle lane.

Props should be given to IO’s vtFaded for the strong performance in both games, and to Adroit’s Mac for the comeback king Medusa in game 2.

Bren Esports.png

Top Clans Esports believe that even all-girls teams like Bren Esports can compete with passion (photo from Bren Esports Facebook page)

Following the first series is between Bren Esports and Motivate.Trust Gaming. This series show that longtime competitive experience gives a very big advantage to teams in tournaments such as this. In both games in the series, MG.Trust dominated Bren Esports. Still, the all-girls team Bren Esports’ participation should open the path to more female professionals. Their experience in this tournament, with their status as an underdog, will provide them with the skills necessary to stand toe-to-toe with the all-boys teams that have always been part of competitive tournaments. Talented as they may be, they still need to sharpen their skills through more competitive opportunities such as this.

Adroit Esports.jpg

The champions of the 2019 SEA Games Dota 2 competition plays with their unwavering passion (photo from Adroit Esports Facebook page)

Top Clans 2020 Day 1 Group Stage Results

Top Clans 2020 Day 1.png

Tune in again to Day 2 of the Group Stage. Today, we’ll be seeing the other four teams compete in Group B. The day will open with a matchup between Galaxy Racer and Neon Esports, followed by a series between Vice Esports and Execration.

All matches are livestreamed on Top Clans 2020 official pages, on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch. To cater more gamers in the region, the livestream is also available in Thai language on the Top Clans Thailand Facebook page and in Malay language on Ancient Galaxy Esports Facebook page.

Be sure to tune in and even get a chance to win amazing prizes by participating in games and activities during the show. Mystery codes will appear on the screen all throughout the livestream, which fans may send on the comment section for a chance of winning Dota 2 cosmetics. Be sure to keep an eye for these codes so you can win awesome prizes while supporting your favorite teams.

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