Motivate.Trust Gaming One Win Away From NetEase Games' Top Clans 2020 Dota 2 SEA Invitational Championship

The stakes have never been higher in the tournament, as the top 4 teams in the Top Clans 2020 Dota 2 SEA Invitational Championship clash for a spot in the Grand Finals. Motivate.Trust Gaming (Motivate.Trust), Neon Esports, Galaxy Racer (GXR), and Adroit Esports honed in, battling each other in Bo3 matches this past two days in the tournament’s playoffs series.​

Playoffs Day 1: Motivate.Trust with epic comebacks; GXR overwhelms Adroit


Motivate.Trust Gaming swept their opponents both days of the playoffs

The first match of the playoffs was between Motivate.Trust and Neon Esports, a matchup that we haven’t seen yet so far in this tournament. The two teams have an interesting head-to-head record, as Motivate.Trust had Neon’s number over their last meetings in the past. However, the early gameplay of Neon Esports showed that they’re undeterred by Motivate.Trust. Both games, Neon put up the pressure on Motivate for most of the match. Still, Motivate.Trust displayed resilience and proved that they do indeed have Neon Esports all figured out. In both games, in spite of Neon’s massive early game leads, Motivate.Trust turned them around for the 2-0 sweep in their series.

On the other side of the bracket, Neon Esports’ compatriots Adroit Esports also weren’t doing well. Galaxy Racer came out hard at Adroit, punishing every little mistake they made. The exploitation went on for both games, and Galaxy Racer easily overwhelmed the SEA Games gold medalists. Day 1 ended with both Filipino teams falling to the lower bracket, and with the top teams of their own groups from the knockout stage facing each other for the first time.

Playoffs Day 2: Motivate.Trust exerts dominance; Filipinos fight each other


Adroit’s victory on Day 2 was bittersweet

The next day rolled in with a gloomy prospect for the Filipinos: the two teams will have to fight each other, and force their fellow Filipinos out of the tournament. The sad part is, the Grand Finals is not even secured yet for the Filipinos.

Thankfully, the two teams still had time to relax, as Day 2 opened with the Upper Bracket Finals series between Motivate.Trust and Galaxy Racer.

Compared to Day 1, Motivate.Trust looked more confident in Day 2. The message was clear on their performance: they want to be seen as the most dominant team in Top Clans 2020. They punished Galaxy Racer the way the former did against Adroit. In the end, Motivate.Trust was able to sweep the series against Galaxy Racer, securing their spot in the Grand Finals, awaiting their final opponent before potentially being crowned champions.

Meanwhile, Adroit and Neon fought tooth and nail with each other. Both teams fighting for survival, they showed the best that they could in their games. Adroit and Neon threw everything they had against each other, in a heartbreaking match to watch for Pinoy fans. The matchup was pretty even in game one, with

the two teams trading clashes with each other. But in the end, Adroit was able to sweep Neon Esports on the one-sided Game 2, proving to be the superior Filipino team, at least for Top Clans 2020.

Top Clans 2020 Dota 2.png

Gearing up for the Grand Finals

Tomorrow will be the Grand Finals of NetEase Games’ Top Clans 2020 Dota 2 SEA Invitational. Motivate.Trust Gaming awaits their challengers in the Grand Finals, still undefeated. Neon and Galaxy Racer face each other one last time, with the victor winning a rematch against Motivate.Trust. With three teams remaining, how will the Grand Finals turn out? Find out on the last day of the Top Clans 2020 Dota 2 SEA Invitational.

Tune in on the Top Clans 2020 official pages on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch. The live stream will also be available in Thai language on the Top Clans Thailand Facebook page and Malay on Ancient Galaxy Esports. You can also follow news and updates about Top Clans 2020 on (EN) and (TH). Cambodian fans may also watch the livestreams in their own language at the Playgame Facebook page.

Stay tuned and cheer hard! This is Passion.

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