MPL Champion Invitational Philippines Results - Season 4 Champions soared the highest

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    Here are the results for the final week of MPL-PH Champion Invitational!
    • The "El Clasico" match between the Season 1 and Season 2 Champions commenced the weekend. The series was super intense which didn't disappoint the fans of this long-time rivals. Season 1 Champions won 3-1.
    • Meanwhile, the Season 4 Champions refused to lose a series by sweeping their match against the Season 3 Champions, 3-0.

    The summarization of results shows that the Season 1 and Season 4 Champions will enter the Grand Finals.

    The last day started with an all-star match between Team Greed and Team Ohmyv33nus.

    Team Greed comprises of the following players:

    Team Captain: Greed of Aura PH (MPL-PH Season 5 Champion)
    • GHOST Wrecker
    • Chin Valdes
    • Elie Gaming
    • Akosi Dogie
    Team Ohmyv33nus

    Team Captain: Ohmyv33nus of Onic PH (MPL-PH Season 4&5 Second placer)
    • Kimberlee Si Arcillas
    • L3bron
    • BobongGamer
    • Eric Eruption Tai
    The winner of this best-of-3 series is Team Greed.

    Afterwards, the Grand finals began!

    The Season 4 Champions dominated the whole best-of-7 series by sweeping the Grand Finals match 4-0 against the Season 1 Champions to prove that they are the best ML Team in the Philippines!


    Congratulations to:

    • Rafflesia
    • Kielvj
    • Renzio
    • Eskii Flexx
    • Fuzaken
    • Jaypee
    That concludes the MPL Championship Invitational Philippines! Tune in for more updates.
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    Nice info.
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