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    Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk the Cheating and Matchmaking Allegation in the Mobile Legends MPL Qualifiers, Ragnarok M Ban list backlash, TnC Predator Eliminated in Chongqing Major, Mineski Replaces TnC in ESL One, League of Legends New Season Changes, PUBG Mobile Prime System and Ascent: Infinite Realm

    Ragnarok M Ban Update
    • In the wake of “Support Perma Ban” Ragnarok M Eternal Love published a list of their ban list
    • However players are not happy and they are getting backlash against this
    • So why did this happen? first let's summarize their statement
    • According to RoM this is to provide healthier game environment and an equally fair platform
    • So they have suspended servers players account for using 3rd party program or addons
    • So far so good, diba
    • However there is a clause that made players totally pissed as its states the following
    • “Upon checking on their accounts, they have received a 15-day suspend. Beyond that, the ban wave is still going on progress”
    • So apparently the penalty is just 15 days which is basically useless as offenders will just repeat this
    • Some users have event pointed out to RoM their terms of service which state the following
    • So in the first clause
    • “use any third party software to modify any application”
    • this describes add ons and other game cheats
    • then it's followed by
    • “your failure to comply with the restrictions and limitations listed above and elsewhere in ToS shall result in immediate (without notice) automatic termination of license granted to hereunder and may subject you to civil and or criminal liability”
    • So it's very clear automatic account termination then you also be subject to criminal liability
    • Take note this is Ragnarok M Eternal Love’s Terms of Service which they themselves don't bother following
    • basically if they dont get their shit together RoM will become like the old ragnarok

    Ascent: Infinite Realm

    • Remember the upcoming game Ascent: Infinite Realm by the PUBG creator Bluehole?
    • Well apparently it seems that playpark will be publishing the game at least in Thailand
    • This was revealed in an unannounced trailer and that the game will be localize for Thai servers
    • It's currently unknown if the game will be officially released in Philippines as well but since playpark has a PH operations there is high possibility
    • To those who don't know AIR is a new MMORPG from the developers of Tera and PUBG
    • The game will have a steampunk setting and is focused on aerial combat as players can use airships to travel and battle
    • if the game released in Philippines will you play it or pass? lets us know in the comments!

    TnC Predator Eliminated
    • Even without Kuku TnC Predator managed to win against Team Aster las Wednesday in an elimination match
    • However Team liquid ended their run in the Chongqing Major with a score of 2-0
    • The match started with TnC going strong first sadly team liquid took control and dominated
    • In the second match Team liquid made a surprise move by picking up Spirit Breaker which TnC fought back but ultimately lost in the end
    • So what does tnc had to say about this?
    • in their official statement this is what they said
    • “We end our run at the #ChongqingMajor after a 2-0 win by Liquid. Congratulations to them and good luck for the remainder of the tournament.”
    • sadlife

    Mineski Replaces TnC in ESL One
    • Now we got to ESL One
    • In a recent update TnC had to withdraw in the upcoming ESL One Katowice 2019 LAN proper
    • This is due to issues and problems processing their visa application
    • Here is TnC Predators Official statement
    • “We would like to inform everyone that we will be withdrawing from the ESL One Katowice 2019 LAN proper. We found conflicts upon processing our visa application in the midst of tournament and qualifier schedules.”
    • However goods news
    • because not long after TnC pulled out the event, ESL One announced that Mineski will be taking their sport as new SEA squad
    • Here is ESL One’s statement
    • “MineskiProTeam will represent SEA at #ESLOne Katowice after both regional qualifier finalists faced visa issues. We're glad to see them again!”

    League of Legends New Season Changes
    • The new league of legends season has started and here are the big changes that you should know
    • First is the placements
    • instead of having 10 placement matches you will now get a provisional rank after your first ranked
    • however, your rank will only be visible after 10 ranked games
    • then after your placement games you will now gain LP for wins and will no longer lose LP for loses
    • Next is the Tiers and Divisions
    • because now there is a new Iron Tier which is below bronze
    • there is also a new Grandmaster tier which is between master and challenger
    • while the Division V has been removed from every tiers
    • Now we go to Ranked armor and splits
    • because in the new rewards system your current rank will now reflect across your profile
    • basically in the dashboard, hovercard and lobbies
    • The new season will also be broken down into 3 splits
    • Then finally lets talk about the changes in Position ranks
    • as its position will now have its own matchmaking rating rank
    • So here are the major changes in the new Season what do you think?

    PUBG Mobile Prime
    • In a recent leak, PUBG Mobile might be getting a subscription system called PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus
    • This subscription system will allow players to convert Battle Points to UC a PUBG game currency
    • specifically, you can convert 5000 BP for 50 UC which can be used to purchase certain cosmetic items
    • currently, these subscription options are available in the KRJP server which you can purchase a Prime for 0.99 usd a month which will grant a small amount of US along with daily rewards
    • while primes plus would cost 9.99 usd which is sometimes discounted for 4.99 usd as an introductory price
    • this will give users 300 UC, additional 20 UC for daily login bonus, ID Card, Room Card and a crate coupon
    • so this will be around 900 uc for Prim plus subscribers
    • Currently, there is no official release date for the subscription model and would most likely change based on country

    MPL Qualifiers Cheating Allegations

    • In the recent MPL MY and SG Qualifiers, a cheating allegation surfaced
    • According to them certain parties cheated or intended to cheat in the Mobile Legends events
    • which includes past and present MPL Leagues around that region
    • So what are this cheating allegations?
    • Apparently, there are teams that hired players from other teams and even different countries to compete in someone's place
    • However, it doesn't end there as Match-fixing has also surfaced which is also in violation of the official rule book and ml terms of use
    • So whats the current stand of mobile legends?
    • According to them they are taking serious measures to secure evidence and will penalize parties involved
    • They also added that they have rolled out new measures on servers that will give them greaters oversight on the qualifying stage of all esports events
    • These measures will also them to isolate incidents of suspected cheaters to gather evidence accordingly
    • So what's the penalty for the cheaters?
    • According to mobile legends users caught will be penalized to their sole discretion and will be final, and here they are
    • Lifetime ban from all future Mobile Legends esports events
    • Complete forfeiture and deletion of players mobile legends accounts
    • permanent ban from mobile legends games and all other moonton games
    • So that's the official statement for Moonton regarding the issue
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