MPL-PH All Time Most Picked Heroes - Updated Builds for 2020

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    MPL-PH Season 6 is just coming this August 21, 2020. Before that, let's have a recap of the most used heroes from Season 1 to Season 5. Fortunately, each season has a unique most used heroes thus this will feature 5 heroes with updated build based on the current META.

    Season 1 Most Picked Hero - Kagura

    Picked 106 times in 122 games
    Win Rate: 50%


    Players who started playing the game beyond MPL-PH Season 1 or Season 10 in Ranked Games might not know this but Kagura is actually one of the most banned in Ranked Games along with Lancelot. Kagura is the considered as the best mage at that time. Heroes like Lunox, Harith, and Esmeralda are more lately released than Kagura. So when those mages are still unavailable, Kagura is the most picked hero since if she is not banned, she will be most likely picked.

    As time pass by, players started to explore that Kagura is also decent as a support. A support that can still help in carrying the game since she still deals decent damage output even just by poking.

    Here is the current recommended build for Kagura:
    • Magic Shoes
    • Lightning Truncheon
    • Clock of Destiny
    • Necklace of Durance
    • Ice Queen Wand
    • Holy Crystal

    Recommended Emblem: Mage
    Use Impure Rage Talent and put 3 points to movement speed and magic pen.

    Flameshot/Execute or Retribution for Carry Type Kagura
    Season 2 Most Picked Hero - Akai

    Picked 109 times in 131 games
    Win Rate: 51.38%


    Atlas is still unavailable that time. That is why Akai is one of the best tank to use at that time. He can pin down the carry hero of the enemy team and let his teammates kill it. He can also tower dive then push the target outside its turret. Akai is very useful at that time since he is one of the solid initiator based on the current available heroes.

    In building items for Akai, cooldown reduction items and counter-items should be balanced. Here is an example of an ideal build for Akai:
    • Warrior/Tough Boots
    • Dominance Ice
    • Oracle
    • Immortality
    • Twilight Armor
    • Courage Mask
    Recommended Emblem: Support

    Use Pull Yourself Together Talent. Put 3 pts to Movement Speed and Hybrid Regen.

    Recommended Spell: Flicker/Sprint/Petrify
    Season 3 Most Picked Hero - Leomord

    Picked 102 times in 136 games
    Win Rate: 53.92%


    This is the time wherein Leomord is picked to even replace the marksman for the main carry position for late game teamfights. Leomord farms on top lane solo so that he can gain as much gold as he can. That is why he has such a high win rate despite of being the most picked hero of the season.

    In the current funnel strategy, Leomord can also be used as a funnel. Here is the current recommended build for Leomord:
    • Warrior/Tough Boots
    • Raptor Machete
    • Blade of Despair
    • Endless Battle
    • Queen's Wings
    • Immortality
    Recommended Spell: Flicker/Sprint/Purify
    Recommended Emblem: Assassin

    Use Killing Spree Talent. Put 3 pts to Movement Speed and Physical Pen.

    Season 4 Most Picked Hero - Thamuz

    Picked 99 times in 141 games
    Win Rate: 48.48%


    This is the season where the roaming items are being put to the test in the professional league. Selection of Mage and Tank heroes also widened thus different heroes are picked depending on the situation of the match. But what dominates this season is Thamuz since he is the best offlaner in Season 4 of MPL-PH.

    Uranus offlane, Esmeralda offlane, and Yu Zhong are still not used by that time thus Thamuz became the most picked hero the season. Here is the current recommended build for Thamuz:
    • Warrior/Tough Boots
    • Endless Battle
    • Queen's Wings
    • Blade of Despair
    • Antique Cuirass
    • Immortality
    Recommended Spell: Flicker/Vengeance
    Recommended Emblem: Fighter

    Use Festival of Blood Talent. Put 3 pts to Physical Attack and HP.

    Season 5 Most Picked Hero - Jawhead

    Picked 83 times in 127 games
    Win Rate: 46.99%


    Offlaners are still the trend in Season 5. This is in addition to the funnel strategy which is effective with two fighters as offlane. Jawhead is one of the best current offlaner in this season. Aside from being a good pick as an offlaner, he can also be used as a tank or support role. This is also due to the funnel strategy which uses Mage or Fighter as a support hero.

    Currently, there are better heroes to be used as a tank and as a support than Jawhead. Good example would be Popol and Kupa or even Tank Chou. Other mages are also adjusted to be a more decent pick not only as a carry but as a support role thus Jawhead even in solo queue ranked games is most effective as an offlaner or a semi-carry type of hero. Here is the recommended build for Jawhead:
    • Warrior/Tough Boots
    • Blade of the Heptaseas
    • Blade of Despair
    • Windtalker
    • Brute Force Breastplate
    • Immortality
    Recommended Spell: Flicker
    Recommended Emblem: Assassin

    Use High and Dry talent. Put 3 points to Movement Speed and Physical Pen.

    That summarizes the most effective tactics available for the previous season which is represented by the most picked heroes. Due to the new banning format, other rarely used heroes might now be picked in Season 6 and the heroes in this list can also be part of the 10 heroes that will be banned each game.

    Which heroes do you think will be mostly picked in MPL-PH Season 6? Tell us your thoughts below and stay tuned!

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