MPL-PH All Time Stat Leaders - Pre-season 7 Update

MPL-PH Season 7 will start on March 19, 2021! Let the hype begin by having a quick recap of the all time stat leaders. The data time range is from Season 1 to Season 6. Check out the players with the highest kills, assists, damage tanked, and more!


Here are the MPL-PH All Time Leaders in kills:
  1. KarlTzy - 820 Kills (S2 to S6) S6 Champion
  2. Pheww - 717 Kills (S1 to S6) S2&S6 Champion
  3. HAD JI - 701 Kills (S2 to S6) S6 2nd Place
  4. Jaypee - 624 Kills (S2 to S6) S4&S5 Champion
  5. Yuji - 610 Kills (S1 to S5) S1 Champion
KarlTzy jump from 583 kills to 820 kills, being 3rd behind Yuji and Pheww, and now the all time leader. Pheww now have 717 kills from 597 kills before Season 6. Jaypee stayed at ranked 4 with 494 kills before S6 and now 624 kills. Ribo was out of the list and replaced by Hadji which is now at top 3 with 701 kills. Yuji stays in the top 5 despite being not able to play in MPL-PH Season 6.

Here are the MPL-PH All Time Leaders in assists:


  1. HAZE - 1566 Assists (S1 to S6) S1 Champion
  2. Ribo - 1345 Assists (S1 to S6) S1&S6 Champion
  3. Heath - 1139 Assists (S2 to S6) S6 2nd place
  4. Lusty - 1057 Assists (S2 to S6) S3&S6 Champion
  5. Pheww - 1055 Assists (S1 to S6) S2&S6 Champion
Haze stays at the top with previous record of 1285 assists and now 1566 assists. Ribo also stays on his spot from 1073 assists to 1345 assists. Tets, Dee, and Yuji, are out of the lists since they haven't played in Season 6 thus their records have been surpassed.

Here are the MPL-PH All Time Leaders in damage tanked:


  1. Heath - 11.62M Damage Tanked (S2 to S6) S6 2nd Place
  2. Lusty - 10.54M Damage Tanked (S2 to S6) S3&S6 Champion
  3. HAZE - 9.27M Damage Tanked (S1 to S6) S1 Champion
  4. Jay - 9.22M Damage Tanked (S2 to S6) S3 Champion
  5. Ch4knu - 8.95M Damage Tanked (S4 to S6) S6 3rd place
Heath still leads this stat from a record of 8.179M to 11.62M. Lusty remains second from 7.978M to 10.54M. Haze stays third from 7.853M to 9.27M. Dee was out due to absence in MPL-PH, along with Kenji who has been a sixth man last season, thus their records were surpassed.

Almost all of the stat leaders will still playing for MPL-PH Season 7. These players will surely add more to their stats and might try to reach for a historical milestone.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!