MPL-PH New Banning Format Starting Week 2 of Season 6

Aside from the new tournament format, the new season also comes up with a new banning format. From the previous 3 bans per team, the new banning format will increase each teams ban to 5 heroes.

The old banning format is there will be 2 bans will be made per team at the start of the draft. This is known as the first ban phase. The second ban phase is after each team already made 3 picks. Each team will ban another 1 hero which overall makes a total of 6 heroes banned in a match.

The new banning format will have 3 bans for the first phase and 2 bans for the second phase. It will be a 5-ban per team and a total of 10 heroes will be banned in a match.

MPL-PH New Banning Format a.jpg

This new banning format will be implemented only starting on Week 2 (August 28-30, 2020) of the Regular Season. This will give an opportunity to the rarely picked heroes to show more in this upcoming season. This will also be a challenge for the teams since this will require them to increase their hero pool and diverse their strategies.

The new tournament format and the tentative schedule for the first half of the regular season is posted here:

Here is the schedule for the second half of the regular season. There will be 8 games per week, every Friday to Sunday, except on the last week which will have a total of 9 games for Week 8. A total of 65 Best-of-3 Series for the Regular Season.

Week 5 (September 18-20, 2020)

MPL-PH New Banning Format b.jpg

Week 6 (September 25-27, 2020)

MPL-PH New Banning Format c.jpg

Week 7 (October 2-4, 2020)

MPL-PH New Banning Format d.jpg

Week 8 (October 9-11, 2020)

MPL-PH New Banning Format e.jpg

Stay tuned for more updates!