MPL-PH Pre-season 7 All Time Leaders Update - GPM and Unique Heroes Played

The players with the highest gold per minute record (GPM) are those who can build their items earlier since they can farm gold very fast. Meanwhile, hero pool is also an important attribute of a player and it shows one's flexibility. Check out these MPL-PH players in this list!


Here are the MPL-PH All Time Leaders in average GPM (Gold Per Minute):

1. Jeraxnu - 749 Ave. GPM 22 Games (S5) 7th-8th placer
2. Wise - 739 Ave. GPM 105 Games (S4 to S6) S4&S5 2nd Placer
3. Hate - 738 Ave. GPM 75 Games (S5 to S6) S6 3rd Place
4. Jaypee - 708 Ave. GPM 140 Games (S2 to S6) S4&S5 Champion
5. KarlTzy - 703 Ave. GPM 157 Games (S2 to S6) S6 Champion

Hate's GPM decreased in Season 6 thus he dropped to 3rd place from having 807 GPM down to 738 GPM. Wise's GPM also dropped from 764 to 739 but remains second. Jeraxnu retained his 749 GPM and now leads all-time. Toshi and Chuuu was out of the list as Toshi's previous GPM of 714 dropped and Chuuu's 711 GPM also dropped.

And here are the MPL-PH All Time Leaders in unique heroes played:


1. Ribo - 45 Unique Heroes Played (S1 to S6) S1&S6 Champion
2. Pheww - 39 Unique Heroes Played (S1 to S6) S2&S6 Champion
3. DEX STAR - 34 Unique Heroes Played (S2 to S6) S3 4th Place
4. Crypt - 33 Unique Heroes Played (S1 to S6) S4 3rd Place
5. Cktd - 32 Unique Heroes Played (S2 to S5) S3 5th-6th place
5. JeffQt4ever - 32 Unique Heroes Played (S1 to S4) S3 Champion

Ribo played 6 new heroes thus he now have played 45 unique heroes in his whole MPL-PH career. Pheww adds 7 to make it 39 as he is still behind Ribo. JeffQt4ever and Cktd still stayed with both having a record of 32.

If the record for kills, assists, and damage tanked, can be continually increase as one plays more games in MPL-PH, those who played less but had an amazing stat can remain in the GPM All-Time Stat Leader. There were also some inactive players in the Unique Heroes Stat Leader. Will these records be beaten for the upcoming season 7? MPL-PH S7 Regular Season will start this March 19!

For more information about MPL-PH, visit the official website of MPL-PH and Tune in for more updates!
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