MPL-PH Recap Featuring the Season 6 Performance of 1st to 4th placers

For this MPL Recap, the performance of the podium finishers will be reviewed. This includes the following teams: Onic PH, Execration, Omega Esports, and Bren Esports


Starting with the 4th placer, Onic PH. Their stats are in the top 4 except for the Average Turtle Kills and Hero Pool. It is also noticeable that their win rate is exactly similar with their first blood rate. This suggests that the number of their wins is the same as the number of times they got first blood.

Thus, getting an above average first blood kills means they are winning early game fights. Their KDA, first blood rate, and Average Lord kills are all ranked 4th in terms of stat that is why they really deserve being in the top 4. For the next season, improving any of their stats might secure them a Finals slot.


Next up is the 3rd placer last season, Execration. Their strength is the hero pool which they are ranked 1st. The rest of their stats are at most 5th place but it was because they stepped up in the playoffs that made them part of the Top 3.

Their weakest stat is the First Blood Rate. But since their Average Turtle Kills are a bit better, that means they can just bounce back in time to at least contest for objectives. If they can improve their stats next season, they will have a more solid run up to the playoffs.


The next team would be Omega Esports, which are the MPL-PH S6 2nd placer. This team dominates the KDA stat and all of their stats are in the top 3 except for the hero pool ranked 4th.

Basing from their stats, they are already a solid team. This is a team that plays systematically and improves in every following games by correcting their last mistakes. They probably are also checking their stats that is why they maintained it until the end of the season. Omega Esports is really one of the toughest teams to beat in the next season.


Now let's analyze Bren Esports' stat. They are the MPL-PH S6 Champion but their stats is not what most might expect. They dominate the league in terms of win rate and second to Omega Esports in KDA. But their other stats are at most 4th, and at least 7th.

They are 7th in first blood rate and average lord kills. But since their win rate is ranked first, this means that they might have gotten an objective in exchange of the first blood. They might not also prolonging their games and end it quickly to not let the lord summon a lot of times.

As noticed, each of these teams have their own strengths and weaknesses. Bren Esports didn't have a very smooth path to the championship. As new two teams will join the Regular Season, expect a more thrilling and unpredictable result for the MPL-PH Season 7. Will Bren Esports be able to defend their throne?

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