MPL-PH Recap Featuring the Season 6 Performance of 5th to 8th placers

It has been a while after MPL-PH Season 6 ended and the Season 7 is already getting nearer. As everyone is excited for the next season, let's have a recap to be reminded of the strengths of each teams in the MPL.


Starting with the Cignal Ultra, they were eliminated by team Execration, which is the 3rd placer of MPL-PH Season 6. Some might not have noticed it but they have the second highest first blood rate and hero pool. It means they are very strong early game. This proves that they already have a solid rotation that can guarantee an early lead by getting first blood.

They also have many options for the heroes they can use. The 10-hero ban won't be enough to stop Cignal Ultra as they've used 44 unique heroes during season 6. Maybe what Cignal Ultra needs to improve is on how they are going to utilize their first blood advantage to further widen their lead. They are last in terms of Average Turtle Kills. They might want to focus on how they can secure the turtle objective more often.


Next up is another rookie team last season, the Nexplay Solid. They were eliminated by Bren Esports, which was the Champion of MPL-PH Season 6 and the recently concluded M2 World Championship. Their strength is also the hero pool which they are ranked 4th and first blood rate as they are ranked 5th. They are also ranked 5th in terms of Average Lord Kills.

Their weak stat is also the Average Turtle Kills. If they can improve in this department, their other stats may also improve. Having to get a higher Average Turtle Kills along with Average Lord Kills can increase the chance of winning games.


The next team would be the one eliminated by Omega Esports which are the MPL-PH S6 2nd placer. This team also dominates the Average Lord Kills and second best in terms of Average Turtle Kills. Let's look closer at Blacklist International.

They are all the top 4 of all stats except the first blood rate. This means they have a high chance to actually reach the semi-finals. They just need to work-out on not getting be killed first in the game. Having lower first blood rate means their enemy usually takes first blood and the objectives that they've taken afterwards just even up the game. They would be unstoppable if only they've managed to also dominate the first blood rate stat.


Now let's analyze Aura PH's stat. They were eliminated by Onic PH, which were the MPL-PH S6 4th placer. They are 2nd in Average Lord Kills, just next to Blacklist International, but second to the last in terms of Hero Pool.

Even though they've popularize the Diggie Feeding Strategy during Season 6, it seems using that strategy and having low hero pool still makes them predictable. Their other stats are also on average compared to the other teams despite of getting ranked 3rd in terms of game win rate. They just need a little more diversification so that other teams won't be able to predict them and sneak into getting their other stats rising up.

As noticed, each of these teams have their own strengths and weaknesses. All of them has a potential to actually get to the Top 4 as reflected in their stats. As new two teams will join the Regular Season, expect a more thrilling and unpredictable result for the MPL-PH Season 7.

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