MPL-PH Roster Changes of the Previous 5th to 8th Placers - For Season 7

In the upcoming MPL-PH Season 7, the teams are using new line-ups to increase their chance to become the champion. Teams are allowed to replace players as long as at least 3 out of their 6 players in MPL-PH Season 6 will still stay on the team. Here are the roster changes of the following teams: Cignal Ultra, Blacklist International, Nexplay Esports, and Aura PH.

As featured in the MPL-PH Recap, the 5th to 8th placers need to improve something in order to have a better chance of getting the championship. Here's the link of the MPL-PH Recap for the 5th to 8th placers:


For the Cignal Ultra, they decided to replace their previous core player, Hadess and their gold laner, Tsujin. Their sixth man Yebmaester was also replaced. The new players in their line-up are Aquaboy, Janus, and Kekedot.

With this new line-up, their strength which is the hero pool will further give their enemies hard time to beat them in drafting also due to this new players. It was also a good move to replace the core and gold laner to revamp their playstyle and may result to better objective takes to solve their problem last season.


For the Blacklist International, they also replaced their core, Fullclip and gold laner, Aqua. Their sixth man Killer is also replaced as their captain, Dex Star might assume this position. They acquire Ohmyv33nus and Wise through a trade with Onic PH in exchange for Fullclip. Blacklist International also has a new player with an ingame name of Oheb.

These changes are quite similar with Cignal Ultra in terms of the role of the players they replaced. Thus, their expected result might also be to have a better first blood rate to transition it in securing more objectives. Also since Blacklist International is known for their pocket strategies, they might present more tactics that can catch their enemies off-guard and surprise them. Wider hero pool might also be one of the best strengths of this revamped team.


For the Nexplay Esports, they replaced their XP Laner, MB, and support, Chester. Their sixth man Jimnest was also replaced. Now their new sixth man is LanceCy and Exort will be the new support player and Jeymz as XP Laner.

The weakness of Nexplay Esports last season was the Average Turtle Kills. That is why changing the XP Laner and Support players are reasonable. The XP Laner and Support are both involve in turtle take unlike the Gold Laner that is in the opposite side of Turtle Lane. Thus, this team is also expected to perform better this upcoming season.


For the Aura PH, they only replaced two players unlike the previously mentioned teams which replaced three players each. They replaced their two sidelaners, Kielvj and Renzio. They acquire a new sidelaner which is Bennyqt and a new core which is Hadess.

Their previous core which is Jaypee will be the new support player and Greed which was previously play as a support will now assume the role of being the primary tank. Rafflesia will be their new sixth man. Aura PH changed a lot not solely in terms of players but also the roles that players will assume. Their previous weakness which is the hero pool will now might be improved as they got a player from the Season 6 leader in hero pool which is Cignal Ultra since they acquired Hadess.

All of the roster changes are reasonable and justifiable. The teams are now seems to be better that is why the upcoming season will surely be more thrilling.

Are you excited for the upcoming MPL-PH Season 7? Tell us your thoughts about this and just stay tuned!