MPL-PH S6 Week 1 Results

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The opening week of the regular season surprised many viewers because of the new strategies and introduce some more META. The Mobile Legends Professional League Philippines started with many intense matches! The Week 1 of MPL PH Season 6 regular season has ended. Here are the results.

MPL-PH S6 Week 1 Results a.png

1. The week opened with the match between Onic PH and Bren Esports. This Battle of Generations ended having Bren Esports a 2-1 series victory.

2. The second series was between Blufire Nexplay Esports. Nexplay Esports dominated the series by sweeping the match 2-0 for their debut in the MPL.

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3. The first series for Day 2 started with Nexplay Esports again but this time, a match against Blacklist International. The much more experienced team, Blacklist International, showed the real power of an MPL caliber team as they sweep the series 2-0 against the rookie team.

4. The next series was the match between the other rookie team, Cignal Ultra, against BSB. Cignal Ultra won with a 2-1 victory.

5. One of the most anticipated match, the uncrowned Execration Vs the two-time defending champion, Aura PH, didn't disappoint the audience. Aura PH introduced a Diggie Feeding Strategy thus giving them an upper hand in Game 1. Execration won Game 2 yet Aura PH still took the Game 3 for the 2-1 series victory for the defending champion

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6. Day 3 of the first week started with the match between Blacklist International and Omega PH. Blacklist won Game 1 but Omega PH managed to reverse the series, ending with 2-1 in favor of the Omega PH.

7. Blufire looked to bounce back from their loss but Onic PH didn't let them took the series. Onic PH won via a reverse sweep, 2-1.

8. The week closed with an intense match between Aura PH and BSB. The result favored Aura PH with a 2-1 victory!

MPL-PH S6 Week 1 Results d.jpg

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