MPL-PH S7 Regular Season Week 1 Results - NXP Leads the Standings!

The first week of the regular season has come. The Mobile Legends Professional League Philippines this week is already intense! The Week 1 of MPL-PH Season 7 regular season has just ended and here are the results.


1. The week opened with the match between Omega and Execration. These two teams did not fail to meet the expectations of their fans as it turned out to be an intense opening series. It ended with Execration being victorious with a 2-0 sweep.

2. The second series was between Work Auster Force and Aura PH. The rookie team was welcomed by the former champions as Aura PH did a reverse sweep, 1-2.


3. The first series for Day 2 started with the NXP Solid and the other rookie team, Laus Playbook Esports. NXP Solid won Game 1 but Laus Playbook Esports won Game 2 and Game 3 ending the series at a score of 1-2.

4. The next series was the match between the defending champion, Bren Esports, versus Onic PH. The reigning MPL-PH Champion and also the M2 World Champion lost in a reverse sweep as Onic PH won with a 2-1 finish.


5. The day 3 of week 1 started with the match between Aura PH and Blacklist International. This whole week is full of reverse sweep as Blacklist International also managed to come back and win the series 2-1 in the end.

6. The last series for the first week was the match between Bren Esports and NXP Solid. This was a clear sweep by NXP Solid as they defeated the reigning champion with a series score of 2-0.

Here are the standings after Week 1:


NXP Solid leads everyone as they've already aggregated 4 points from their 2 matches. Bren Esports is at the bottom as they've lost their first two series along with Omega Esports who still got no points while Cignal Ultra still haven't made appearance.

Don't forget to watch the regular season in the official streaming platforms of Mobile Legends:Bang Bang in Facebook and Youtube. You can watch the replay too on this official platforms.

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