MPL-PH S7 Regular Season Week 3 First Half Results - Day 1 and Day 2

The 3rd week of MPL-PH S7 Regular Season will last for 4 days, all have 3 series each day. Six series were completed for the first half of this week and here are the results for the first two days of a quite long Week 3!


1. Cignal Ultra's debut was welcomed by a sweep from the previous season 1st runner-up, Omega Esports. Another 3 points for the Omega Esports as they finished this series 2-0.

2. Work Auster Force also got sweep and it's against Onic Philippines. This 2-0 win earned Work Auster Force another 3 points.

3. One of the most-awaited match-ups did not end with a sweep though. Execration Vs. Nexplay Esports went for Game 3 and Execration got the series 2-1.


4. Starting the Day 2, Work Auster Force stays strong as they got another sweep, this time, it's against the Cignal Ultra. Another 3 points for Work Auster Force while Cignal Ultra has not yet got any points on their matches.

5. Execration is also on a winning streak as they got another series win. They swept Laus Playbook Esports 2-0.

6. The rivalry between Aura PH and Onic PH is also one of the most-awaited matches. This ended with a sweep though, in favor of Aura PH as they got a series score of 2-0 against their rival team.

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