MPL-PH S7 Regular Season Week 6 Day 1 Results - Fight for Pride and Playoffs!

Work Auster Force met Onic PH for the fight for upper bracket slot while Nexplay Esports and Execration are fighting for playoffs spots. Here are the results:


In Group A, Work Auster Force swept Onic PH, 2-0. The 3 points earned are crucial as it gives them a step closer to securing an upper bracket slot. Meanwhile, Onic PH remains at 3rd place in Group A.

For the next series, Nexplay Esports faced Execration in an intense series. It ended after 3 games in favor of Nexplay Esports winning 1-2 even after Execration got Game 1.

Here are the current standings after Week 6 Day 1.


Work Auster Force overtakes Aura Philippines to lead Group A. Meanwhile, Blacklist International still leads Group B with Omega in second place.

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