MPL-PH S7 Regular Season Week 7 Day 2 Results - Nexplay is Lower Bracket Secured!

On the second day of the final week of MPL-PH Season 7 Regular Season, the battle for seeding continues. Bren Esports and Omega are trying to grab an upper bracket slot in their respective groups. Here are the results:


Blacklist International defeated Nexplay Esports, 2-1. Nexplay Esports ended the regular season being a lower bracket team for the upcoming playoffs.

For the battle in Group A, Bren Esports swept Cignal Ultra to increase their chance in taking the remaining upper bracket slot in their group. This 2-0 victory gave them 3 points to tie with Work Auster Force with total points of 21.

Meanwhile, Omega Esports swept Laus Playbook Esports, 2-0. This victory also increased the chance of Omega Esports to secure an upper bracket slot.

Here are the current standings after Week 7 Day 2.


Aura Philippines and Blacklist International already secured the top spots in their respective groups. Cignal Ultra is already eliminated for the playoffs contention. Laus Playbook Esports will also finish as last placer in their group.

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