MPL-PH S7 Regular Season Week 7 Day 3 Results - Road to the Playoffs!

The last four series of the regular season will lock-in all of the position for the playoffs bracket. Which teams got the upper bracket slots? Check the results and standings here to find out.


Laus Playbook Esports grabbed a game against Work Auster Force even though they lost 1-2. This series impacted the playoffs bracket a lot since Work Auster Force could have secured upper bracket if only they swept Laus Playbook Esports.

There is nothing to gain and nothing to lose in the Onic PH versus Blacklist International. Both teams give us a hint on how well they will perform in the playoffs. For this time, Blacklist International won 2-0.

Execration fought hard to try to grab the upper bracket by defeating Aura Philippines, 2-1. This series made Nexplay Esports fell to the 4th place in Group B.

The final series, Bren Esports versus Omega Esports, decided the fate of the four teams. Omega Esports winning Game 1 secured them an upper bracket slot leaving Execration to 3rd place. Bren Esports then won Game 2 and Game 3 thus Work Auster Force settled in 3rs place as the defending champion grabbed the remaining upper bracket slot.

Here's the complete playoff bracket after regular season:


• Aura Philippines will face Omega Esports
• Bren Esports will face Blacklist International
• Work Auster Force will face Nexplay Esports
• Execration will face Onic Philippines

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