MPL-PH Season 10 Week 5 Results - The second half of the regular season began

The Mobile Legends Professional League - Philippines (MPL-PH) continues for its tenth season the second half of the regular season. This tournament is in double round-robin format for the regular season and thus, the 8 teams will battle one another twice, best-of-3 series each. The first half of regular season ended after four weeks so now, it is week 5 and here are the results for the recently-concluded 3-day regular season action during the week.


The week started with RSG Philippines looking forward to revenge against Smart Omega Esports (OMG). RSG PH swept OMG this time, 2-0, to open up the second half of the regular season. OMG won before via a 2-0 sweep too so this even up their head-to-head match-up.

The day 1 ended with the match between Blacklist International (BLCK) Vs. Nexplay EVOS (NXPE). BLCK won again but this time, it was a 2-0 sweep. BLCK won before 2-1 and thus, they won this head-to-head match-up this regular season.


The second day started with ONIC PH VS. Bren Esports. ONIC PH lost this time, 2-1, as Bren Esports extends their winning streak. Both of these teams also had a game against other teams in Day 3.

Meanwhile, NXPE won against TNC, 2-1, to bounce back from their Day 1 lost. This ends the series matches of NXPE for this week and they remained as the 7th seed for Week 5 Standings with now 8 points in total. Meanwhile, TNC had a series on Day 3.

OMG faced Blacklist International to end Day 2. OMG won this time, 2-1, and they remained at the 2nd seed with 15 points. BLCK finished the week with 18 points and still held on the current Top 1 spot in the standings.


Day 3 opened with the series Bren Esports Vs. TNC. Bren won 2-1 to prolong their winning streak. TNC remained at the bottom of Week 5 Standings with 6 points. Bren Esports is tied for 5th-6th seed with 14 points.

ECHO ended this week with a 2-1 win against ONIC PH. ECHO has now 14 points and tied with Bren Esports for the Week 5 Standings. Meanwhile, ONIC PH is tied with Omega and RSG PH with 15 points.

Here is the official Week 5 Standings of the MPL-PH Regular Season:


The current bottom two are NXPE and TNC. BLCK is at Top 1 while next to them are the current 3-way tie between Omega, RSG PH, and ONIC PH.

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