MPL PH Season 11 will commence on February 17th with Teams and Schedules already revealed

Starting on February 17th, the Pinoy MLBB action can be watched again as the MPL PH Season 11 will finally kick off. As usual, the tournament will commence with the regular season for eight weeks. The tournament will be handled again by tournament organizer Mineski Philippines.

mpl ph s11.jpg

Below are the teams that will be playing in the tournament along with their official roster:



Blacklist International

blacklist international.jpg

RSG Slate PH

rsg slate ph.jpg

Omega Esports

smart omega.jpg

TNC Pro Team

tnc pro team.jpg


onic ph.jpg

Nexplay EVOS

nexplay evos.jpg

Bren Esports

bren esports.jpg

The regular season will officially start on February 17th and will continue until April 14th. It will be a double round-robin and all matches will be played in a Bo3. To be part of the Top 6 teams who will advance to the playoffs, the teams should earn points that will determine their fate in the tournament.

If the team wins 2-0, they will earn 3 points. If the team wins 2-1, they will earn 2 points. However, if the team loses 1-2, they will earn 1 point and if they lose both matches, of course, no points will be given to them.

For the Playoffs stage, it will be a hybrid elimination. From the 3rd placed team to the 6th placed team, they will compete in Round 1, which is a single elimination round. But for the 1st and 2nd placed teams, they will immediately advance to Round 2, which is a double elimination round. All matches will be played in a Bo5, while the Grand Finals will be a Bo7.

MPL PH Season 11 Regular Season Schedule

Week 1

week 1.jpg

Week 2
week 2.jpg

Week 3
week 3.jpg

Week 4
week 4.jpg

Week 5
week 5.jpg

Week 6
week 6.jpg

Week 7
week 7.jpg

Week 8
week 8.jpg

To watch the matches, it will be available in two languages, which are Filipino and English. If you prefer to watch it in Filipino, then you can stream it on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Official YouTube channel and Mobile Legends Esports Facebook. But if you prefer to watch it in English, then you can stream it on MPL Philippines Facebook, MPL Philippines YouTube, MPL PH Official TikTok, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang PH Facebook.