MPL-PH Season 6 Most Picked Heroes After Week 3

In the official MPL-PH website, the number of times the hero is picked and banned, along with its win rate, can be seen. Based on the data taken from Week 1 to Week 3, here are the heroes with the highest pick rate.

1. Chou


  • Picked 42 times
  • Banned 11 times
  • Win Rate: 57%
Chou leads this ranking. It is because of his flexibility to be used not only as an offlane but also as a tank. Actually next to Khufra and Atlas, Chou is one of the most effective heroes to be used as a tank right now along with Baxia and Hilda. So whenever Atlas and Khufra are banned, Chou will most likely be picked if not Hilda or Baxia. Atlas and Khufra are part of the top 5 most banned heroes in MPL-PH S6 and if this continues, Chou might be the most used hero at the end of the regular season.

2. Yi Sun Shin

Yi Sun Shin.png

  • Picked 32 times
  • Banned 18 times
  • Win Rate: 62%
He is picked 10 less times than Chou but banned 7 times more. Yi Sun Shin is considered one of the best marksman heroes and he is really good for the current funnel strategy. He also has good utilities just like the vision that his ultimate skill gives. That is aside from his good scaling damage, farm potential, and he has a good mobility and survivability.

3. Pharsa


  • Picked 29 times
  • Banned 26 times
  • Win Rate: 55%
Pharsa is actually the 6th most banned hero in MPL-PH S6. If she is not banned, she will most likely be picked. The reason is that she is considered as the best mage support right now. This is because of her burst damage and long range. She also has a good survivability and fast wave clear. She can turn losing situations into a comeback because of her defend abilities along with crowd control and Area of effect skills.

4. Thamuz


  • Picked 29 times
  • Banned 21 times
  • Win Rate: 52%
Thamuz has picked the same number of times as Pharsa but banned less and has a bit lower win rate. Since the two best offlaners Yu Zhong and Uranus are most of the times banned (they are part of the top 3 most banned heroes along with Selena), Thamuz has his place to shine. He is a very good offlaner because he can cut waves at the start of the game which gives an advantage to the team for faster rotation.

5. Khaleed


  • Picked 29 times
  • Banned 17 times
  • Win Rate: 48%
Khaleed is also picked 29 times but banned 4 times less. His win rate is also a bit lower than 50%. Khaleed is a new hero just before the MPL-PH Regular Season opens that is why teams are still on the stage of learning how to play him to maximum potential. He is actually also used not only as an offlane but as a tank. He has great sustain capabilities along with damage and initiation potential. For this season wherein setter tanks are most likely banned, other heroes that has a great initiation skill has become a trend even if they are mainly used as other roles.

That concludes this list. If you have other content suggestions, feel free to tell us below.

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