MPL-PH Season 6 Playoffs Story - Bren Esports are the new champion!

The 4-day playoffs event of the MPL-PH Season 6 has been full of exciting matches with interesting stories and action-packed gameplays. After four days, Bren Esports became victorious by winning all of their series up to the Grand Finals match against Omega Esports.

MPL-PH Season 6 Playoffs A.jpg

The playoffs format is single elimination that is why any team can really lose their chance easily in getting the championship. Bren Esports survived the quarter finals by sweeping Nexplay Esports, 3-0, to advance to the semi-finals. They went up against Onic PH which is the team that defeated Aura PH in the quarter finals.

Bren Esports also swept the series against Onic PH to move to the Grand Finals. The other grand-finalist, Omega Esports, defeated Blacklist International in the quarter finals with a close 3-2 series score. Then, Omega Esports faced Execration, the team who beat Cignal Ultra in the quarterfinals, and won 3-1 in their semi-finals series.

Before the grand finals match started, a battle for 3rd place was done between Onic PH and Execration. Onic PH won game 1 and game 2 but Execration managed to do a reverse sweep to end the series with a 3-2 score putting Execration as the 3rd placer.

MPL-PH Season 6 Playoffs B.jpg

The grand finals was a best-of-7 series. Bren Esports won Game 1 but Omega Esports managed to bounce back and won Game 2. Bren Esports regained their lead by winning in Game 3 and Game 4. Then, Omega outdrafted Bren in Game 5 that is why they managed to force a Game 6. Bren Esports doesn't want to prolong the series anymore that is why they did their best to win Game 6 which they managed to do. This series ended with a 4-2 series victory for Bren Esports.

MPL-PH Season 6 Playoffs.jpg

Bren Esports is the organization who continued the slot of the Season 1 Champions that is why this is considered as their 2nd Championship. This is also a 2nd time championship for some players in the current 6-man line-up of Bren Esports which are Ribo, Pheww, and Lusty. Meanwhile, Flaptzy won a championship in his rookie year. This is the first time for their sixth man, Ejhay, to be reigned as an MPL Champion. This is also the first championship for the MPL-PH Season 6 Overall MVP, Karltzy.

That's the wrap up of the MPL-PH Season 6. Stay tuned for more news and updates!