MPL-PH Season 6 Qualifiers Results - Cignal Ultra is back!

All of the 1207 teams who registered for the remaining two slots for the MPL-PH Regular Season fought hard to try to secure a spot. After two days, only 8 teams has been able to get to the main qualifiers.

The 8 teams are the following

Bracket A

  • Hakdog
  • Arkangel

Bracket B
  • Sinag Pilipinas
  • Cignal Ultra

Bracket C
  • Team Chik
  • Iphios Esports

Bracket D
  • NXP Solid
  • Breakpoint

The Bracket A and Bracket B are placed in Group A while Bracket C and Bracket D are placed in Group B. Just the day after the open qualifiers, the main qualifiers began.

The rules for the main qualifiers will be a double elimination, best of 3 series and only 1 team from each group will advance to the regular season.

July 25, 2020 Group A
  • In Bracket A, Arkangel won.
  • In Bracket B, Cignal Ultra won.
Team Hakdog was the first to be eliminated after losing to Sinag Pilipinas.
  • In the winners bracket, Cignal Ultra won.
Then, Arkangel defeated Sinag Pilipinas to enter the qualifier's final round against Cignal Ultra.

It was an intense series with all 3 games played yet Cignal Ultra is still victorious getting themselves a spot in the regular season.

July 26, 2020 Group B
  • In Bracket C, Team Chik won.
  • In Bracket D, NXP Solid won.
Breakpoint was the first to be eliminated after losing to Iphios Esports.
  • In the winners bracket, NXP Solid won.
Then, Team Chik defeated Iphios Esports again to enter the qualifier's final round against NXP Solid.

NXP Solid had a flawless series by sweeping Team Chik again thus securing themselves the final slot for the Regular Season.

That is the end of the MPL Qualifiers. Cignal Ultra and NXP Solid will battle against each other along with the Top 8 of the previous season for the MPL-PH Season 6 Regular Season.

Stay tuned for more updates!