MPL-PH Season 7 Official Line-up of all the 10 teams - Roster Changes

There are some players who played in MPL-PH Season 6 that won't be playing anymore in the Season 7. There are also some players that change teams. Here are the official six players line-up of each team for MPL-PH season 7.

Laus Playbook Esports


  1. Aspect (Assassin)
  2. Arvs (Mage/Support)
  3. Beemo (Fighter/Tank)
  4. Jake The Dog (Marksman)
  5. Ryota (Tank)
  6. Yakou (Sixth man)
This is one of the two new teams from the main qualifiers. This line-up has the former MPL Champion in Season 2 which is Yakou.

Work Auster Force


  1. Unravel (Tank)
  2. 3MarTzy (Offlane)
  3. Chuuu (Marksman/Assassin)
  4. Kousei (Mage/Tank)
  5. rTzy (Mage/Support)
  6. Moht (Support)
Chuuu is a former player in ULVL in Season 5 and in Blufire in Season 6. He will be playing this Season 7 with new teammates. This is another team to look out for since they were undefeated during their main qualifiers run.

Aura PH


  1. Rafflesia (Multirole/Captain)
  2. Jaypee (Mage/Assassin)
  3. Greed_ (Multirole)
  4. Killuash (Offlane)
  5. Bennyqt (Assassin/Mage)
  6. Lord Hadess (Fighter/Mage)
Bennyqt and Lord Hadess are the new addition to this team. Bennyqt is from Execration and Lord Hadess is from Cignal Ultra, both from last season. Kielvj and Renzio are out and will be playing for team Execration this Season 7.

Blacklist International


  1. DEX STAR (Tank/Support)
  2. Eson (Fighter/Assassin)
  3. EDWARD (Support/Mage)
  4. OhMyV33nus (Tank/Support)
  5. Wise (Multirole)
  6. Oheb (Offlane/Tank)
They acquired OhMyV33nus and Wise via trade to Onic PH in exchange of Kairi. Aquaboy is also out and will be played for the Cignal Ultra in Season 7.

Cignal Ultra


  1. ImbaDeejay (Tank/Support)
  2. RHEA (Fighter)
  3. Bensanity (Tank)
  4. Aquaboy (Mage/Assassin)
  5. Janus (Carry)
  6. Kekedot (Offlane)
Lord Hadess is now in Aura PH and they got Aquaboy from Blacklist International. Yebmaester and Tsujin are out of their official line-up and are replaced by Janus and Kekedot.

Nexplay Esports


  1. Renejay (Assassin/Offlane)
  2. Yawi (Tank/Support)
  3. H2wo (Carry)
  4. Exort (Mage/Support)
  5. Jeymz (Fighter)
  6. LanceCy (Mage/Support)
Chester (Tank/Support), Mb (Offlane), amd Jimnest (Tank/Support), are out of the official line-up and were replaced with Exort, Jeymz, and LanceCy.

Onic PH


  1. Jay (Multirole)
  2. Dlar (Fighter/Assassin)
  3. ly4knu (Multirole)
  4. Hate (Mage/Marksman)
  5. Kairi (Marksman/Assassin)
  6. Markyyyyy (Sub)
They acquire Kairi by trading OhMyV33nus and Wise to Blacklist International. They also got a new sixth man, Markyyyyy. They also have Hate, a former Execration player last Season 6.



  1. E2MAX (Support)
  2. Ch4knu (Tank)
  3. Z4pnu (Multirole)
  4. Renzio (Offlane)
  5. Kielvj (Carry)
  6. Kelra (Mid lane)
Hate is now on Onic PH while Bennyqt is on Aura PH. They got Renzio and Kielvj, former Aura PH players, and Kelra, as new players.

Omega Esports


  1. Kenji (Offlane)
  2. Hadjizy (Carry)
  3. Heath (Tank/Support)
  4. KurtTzy (Multirole)
  5. Haze (Tank/Support)
  6. Toshi (Mage/Marksman/Fighter)
There are no changes in the six man roster of the MPL-PH Season 6 2nd placer.

Bren Esports


  1. Pheww (Multirole)
  2. Ribo (Multirole)
  3. KarlTzy (Carry)
  4. Lusty (Tank/Support)
  5. FlapTzy (Fighter/Marksman)
  6. Ejhay (Tank/Support)
There are also no roster changes for the MPL-PH Season 6 and M2 World Tournament Champion.

Which team/s will you support this MPL-PH Season 7? Tune in for more news and updates!