MPL-PH Season 7 Playoffs Day 2 Results - Bren Esports falls to the lower bracket; Onic PH eliminated

The second day of the MPL-PH Season 7 Playoffs had close fights. Both series went to Game 5. The lower bracket match was between Onic Philippines and Execration. The upper bracket match was between Bren Esports and Blacklist International.


The result of the lower bracket match is in favor of Execration. This series had an alternating win as Execration won Game 1, 3, and 5 while Onic PH won Game 2 and Game 4. Execration will face Omega Esports next.


On the upper bracket, Blacklist International defeated the defending champions, Bren Esports. Their series went to Game 5 even though Blacklist International won the first 2 games. Bren Esports almost managed to do a reverse sweep but Blacklist International secured Game 5.

Here's the updated playoff bracket and schedule:


• Bren Esports will face Work Auster Force
• Execration will face Omega Esports
• Blacklist International will face Aura PH

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