MPL-PH Season 7 Playoffs Day 3 Results - Bren Esports and Execration survives

Two lower bracket series were held during the third day of the MPL-PH Season 7 Playoffs. The first series was between Bren Esports and Work Auster Force. The second series was between Omega and Execration.


In the defending champions versus the super rookies match-up, the series was decided in Game 4. Bren Esports won Game 1 and Work Auster Force won Game 2. But then, Bren Esports managed to win Game 3 and Game 4 to end the series, knocking out Work Auster Force in the playoffs.


Execration showed the Bane-Faramis-Selena strategy to got an advantage against Omega. Execration won Game 1, 3, and 5. Omega won only two games, Game 2 and Game 4, thus now eliminates for the playoffs and will finish as a 5th-6th placer.

Here's the updated playoffs bracket and schedule:


Blacklist International will face Aura PH
Bren Esports will face Execration

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