MPL-PH Season 7 Playoffs Day 4 Results - Reverse Sweep is Real!

There are only four remaining teams in the playoffs. In the upper bracket, Blacklist International faced Aura PH. In the lower bracket, Bren Esports met Execration. Here are the results:


In the upper bracket match, Blacklist International won the first 2 games. Aura PH managed to win Game 3 but Blacklist International finished the series in 4. This means Blacklist International is the first to secure a slot in Grand Finals and a slot for the upcoming MSC 2021. Aura PH will face the winner of the lower bracket match.


The lower bracket match between Execration and Bren Esports was intense. It seems that Bren Esports would win it easily as they won the first 2 games but Execration managed to win the last 3 games. Execration completed a reverse sweep to eliminate the defending champions. Bren Esports finished as 4th place while Execration will advance to face Aura PH.

Here's the updated playoff bracket and schedule:


Blacklist International will face the winner of the Aura PH and Execration match for the Grand Finals.

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