MPL-PH Season 8 Week 1 Regular Season Results - ECHO at the top of the standings!

The most awaited Mobile Legends Professional League in the Philippines had finally started. The first week opened the regular season with a lot of historic rivalries already between franchises. Here are the results of the 8 matches in a 3-day, week 1 of the tournament.


The first week started with the ECHO VS. ONIC PH series. ONIC PH already started to show that they will dominate this season as they sweep ECHO, 2-0, putting 3 points on their record.

The day 1 ended with the Blacklist International VS. TNC. The defending champion proved that they can still adapt to the current metagame and swept TNC to end the series with a series score of 2-0.


The second day started with ONIC PH VS. OMEGA. ONIC PH continued to create their own identity by winning games with a push-type strategy. OMEGA lost the series, 1-2.

After losing in Day 1, ECHO adjusted there line-up and swept BREN Esports. ECHO managed to defeat the M2 World Champions, 2-0.

Blacklist International had another match this week which was against Nexplay EVOS. Blacklist International gave them a hard fight for their first match this season. The series went in favor of Blacklist International, 2-1.


RSG PH had their first appearance in the 3rd day of Week 1 and they were up against the M2 World Champions, Bren Esports. RSG PH managed to win as they defeated Bren Esports, 2-1.

After being swept by Blacklist International in Day 1, TNC won 2-0 in Day 3 against Nexplay EVOS. TNC earned 3 points to their record while Nexplay EVOS stayed at a 1-point record.

ECHO got another sweep and now, against the reigning MSC Champions which is playing for the OMEGA franchise. ECHO got another 3 points overtaking the current total points of Blacklist International and ONIC PH.

Here is the standings after Week 1:


OMEGA, NEXPLAY EVOS, and BREN are tied at the last spot with 1 point each while ECHO leads every team with a current total points of 6.

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