MPL-PH Season 8 Week 4 Regular Season Results - Bren Esports cut their lose streak

The Mobile Legends Professional League - Philippines Season 8 just had the first half of the regular season completed. The standings changed again after the upsets and surprising outcomes. Here are the results for the week 4 of the regular season.


The week started with the ECHO Vs. TNC series. Both teams were on a losing streak from last week. ECHO managed to win this series with a 2-0 sweep.

The day 1 ended with the Blacklist International VS RSG PH series. Blacklist International won via a 2-0 sweep, not giving a single point to RSG.


The second day started with TNC VS. RSG PH. Coming from a loss the day before, RSG PH bounced back immediately and swept this series. With this 0-2 loss, TNC slide down at the bottom of the standings after this week.

Blacklist International extended their winning streak with another sweep, this time, against ECHO. Blacklist International remains undefeated and stayed at the top of the standings.

Day 2 is also full of sweeps as ONIC PH faced Bren Esports to end Day 2. This series ended with a sweep by ONIC PH, 2-0, as they defeated the M2 World Champion.


Finally, a 3-game series happened as Day 3 opened up with ECHO VS ONIC PH. ECHO won 2-1 and ended this week rising up to the 4th spot in the standings.

RSG PH ended this week with another 2-0 win, and this time, against OMEGA. RSG PH moved to Top 3 after this sweep.

The week ended with Bren Esports finally ending their lose streak as they defeated NXPE, 2-1, to rise up to 7th spot while NXPE slide down to 5th spot in the standings.

Here is the standings after Week 4:


TNC is at the 8th spot while Blacklist International remains undefeated and leads the standings.

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