MPL-PH Season 8 Week 6 Regular Season Results - NXPE secured a playoffs spot; BLCK and ONIC on upper bracket

This is the second to the last week of Mobile Legends Professional League - Philippines Season 8 Regular Season. Some teams already secured some of the playoffs spots. Here are the results for the week 6 of the regular season.


The week started with the NXPE Vs. ECHO series. NXPE swept this series, 2-0, leading to ECHO sliding down the standings.

The day 1 ended with another sweep in the TNC VS RSG match. TNC won 2-0 to keep their playoffs chance alive while RSG PH goes down the rankings.


The second day started with TNC VS. Bren Esports. TNC failed this time but they at least got a point in this series as Bren Esports won, 2-1.

NXPE almost upset Blacklist International in an intense 3-game series. Blacklist International won 2-1 as they secured an upper bracket spot.

Omega faced ECHO to end Day 2. Omega swept this series, 2-0, while ECHO falls to 6th spot in the current standings.


Day 3 opened with a great series as Blacklist International received their first series loss of the regular season. ONIC PH swept Blacklist International, 2-0.

Omega ended this week with another 2-0 win, and this time, against Bren Esports. Omega rose to 5th spot while Bren Esports is on the brink of elimination.

The week ended with TNC losing against NXPE. TNC was swept thus NXPE gained 3 points, making NXPE secured a playoffs spot while TNC's playoffs chances lowered.

Here is the standings after Week 6:


TNC is still at the 8th spot while Blacklist International leads the standings. Blacklist International, ONIC PH, and Nexplay EVOS, have secured playoffs spots.

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