MPL-PH Season 8 Week 7 Regular Season Results - TNC and Bren Esports are eliminated

This is the last week of the Regular Season of Mobile Legends Professional League - Philippines Season 8. Only six out of the eight teams will advance to the playoffs. Here are the results for the week 7 of the regular season.


The week started with the NXPE Vs. RSG PH series. NXPE swept this series, 2-0, leading to RSG PH sliding down the standings.

The day 1 ended with another sweep in the TNC VS OMG match. Omega won 2-0 to finally secure their playoffs spot while removing the remaining chances of TNC to enter the playoffs.


The second day started with ECHO VS. Bren Esports. ECHO swept Bren Esports here, 2-0, which means ECHO moved up to 5th spot in the standings while reducing the chances of Bren Esports to qualify for the playoffs.

RSG PH qualified for the playoffs as they clinched the 6th spot as they got 1 win in their last series of the Regular season against ONIC PH. This series ended 2-1 being ONIC PH as the winner but both teams are qualified for the playoffs.

Omega faced Blacklist International to end Day 2. Blacklist International swept this series, 2-0, to secure first seed for the end of the regular season.


Day 3 opened with a great series as TNC, despite being not qualified for the playoffs, swept ONIC PH, 2-0, to end their regular season run. ONIC PH stayed at the 2nd seed even with this loss.

Blacklist International ended this week with another 2-0 win, and this time, against Bren Esports. This will be the 1st season that Bren Esports will not qualify for the playoffs.

The week ended with Omega losing against NXPE. This game was a controversial 3-game series and in the end, NXPE won Game 3 to end the series with a 2-1 score, in a convincing manner and finalizing the standings.

Here is the bracket format for the playoffs:


Blacklist International and ONIC PH are already waiting for the 2nd round as the top 2 teams of the regular season. The rest will face off in a play-in format to qualify for Round 2.

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